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Wanna help local entrepreneurs represent at G20YEA Moscow? They need a little push from the crowd!


In case you haven’t heard, 20 lucky young entrepreneurs will be representing Australia at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit Moscow in June. But they need your help.

Ten of those invited teams are early stage startups with extremely tight budgets, and desperately they need some help getting to the upcoming G20YEA Moscow.

To help them out just a wee bit, the crew at ENY has started a crowd funding campaign to help the 23 girls and guys get to Russia on 15-17 June, 2013.

The young Aussies want to help build a better future for the country by driving the best possible climate for entrepreneurs and startups, with a keen focus on job creation, innovation, and socio-economic development.

Who are these brave souls?

From pre-revenue to well-established, east coast to west coast, the Australian delegation attending this year’s Summit represents the diversity of the Australian entrepreneurial ecosystem. The members represent the grass-root job creators and economic stimulators. Together, they are providing a platform in which the country can prosper past the mining boom.

The members are self-funding their attendance to assist with the creation & shaping of global policy focused on enhancing global entrepreneurial ecosystems from across the globe.

The ten younger ‘Startup’ organisations will receive the money raised pro-rata. They are all psyched to be attending, but as we all know, starting a business is expensive and very time consuming, so the delegation needs your help!

They’ve put their hand up to represent you – Australia and the future of Australian business!

Need more reasons to contribute?

The entrepreneurs will be sending shout-outs in the form of postcards, tweets, and Facebook posts for those who contribute to the funding effort.

If you are in Sydney, you don’t want to mist the chance to join the entrepreneurial ambassadors for a Russian-themed party on 30 May, 2013. The shindig will go down at the Romances Restaurant, Kingsford and will feature an exquisite banquet and Russian-inspired music and other entertainment.

The effort raised almost $5k in the first day, and you can chip in by checking out the official crowd funding page..