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Get used to video: it’s here to stay, and it’s about to get a whole lot more interactive


What if I told you your video content could engage viewers so effectively that 70% of them were likely to click through to your website? Or that video could transform how effectively people learn?  

This may seem too good to be true, but let me assure you it’s not mythical. Interactive video has the kind of transformative powers that marketers dream about.

Vudoo has spent a little over two years refining, tweaking, updating and pioneering interactive video—ushering in next-generation video engagement that has applications in marketing, HR, education, e-commerce and more.

The idea began as so many great things do—over a G&T. Sitting with my Co-founder, Andrew Spalding, at a bar in downtown Singapore, I’ll never forget the conversation that unfolded that night. We vehemently agreed that the technological leaps being made in video would shape the future of many industries (and it wasn’t just the gin talking).

Spotting a gap in the market

With each of us having plied our trade in digital marketing in the UK and Australia over the years, we saw a huge opportunity. Much of the video content served up to consumers was driving a certain level of engagement and we reasoned that a lot more could be done. By the time we settled the drinks bill, the seeds of the business were sewn.

Vudoo’s software applies interactivity to video content, instantly turning someone from a passive viewer to an active participant. This is the critical difference, proven to make content more memorable and to improve retention and brand sentiment.

Our retail clients, such as Sheridan, create inspirational videos that invite viewers to click on products they like, directing them to buy right there and then. This new wave of video moves customers through the sales funnel that much faster, which we know makes a huge difference to any brand.

Interactive video has wide reaching appeal

Vudoo can support HR teams and educational institutions not just in dispersing information quickly, but making sure viewers digest what’s being said. Traditional video induces viewer fatigue, hence the phenomenon of ‘double-screening’.

When you add an extra screen into the mix, your content becomes background noise. Fine if you’re catching up on reality television, but things like detailing a new employee’s legal obligations are far too important to be sidelined.

How can interactive video ensure the message hits home? Seamlessly embed tests or quizzes through the video that force the viewer to take action before they can progress.

Andrew and I also recognise the value of quality consumer data, so this is integral to Vudoo’s interactive video offering. Every interaction generates data that’s then carefully crunched and presented back to the business to help inform and optimise future strategies. 

Take those shoppable Sheridan videos, for instance. They showed a 57% completion rate, with 70% of consumers clicking through to the website in the first week after going live. Figures like these show the power of video—particularly when it’s done right. 

When we first ordered those G&Ts in Singapore, we couldn’t have guessed where things would lead. Today, backed by an amazing development team, we’ve gone from strength to strength. Our client portfolio is diverse, reaching the likes of Country Road Group, the Australian Taxation Office, the AFL, Westpac, QBE and the Royal Australian Air Force. Confidence in our product has seen us growing confidently in the UK and there are plans to build into the US in the future.

Video isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly prevalent in our lives. In the U.S., video accounts for 1 hour 26 minutes of daily media consumption among adults. More video content was uploaded online in the last 30 days than the major U.S. TV networks have managed to create in 30 years. The future is most certainly video—and interactive is the new frontier.

Nick Morgan is the CEO & Co-founder at Vudoo.

Nick Morgan is the CEO & Co-founder at Vudoo.