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Help us choose the logo for Anthill’s Cool Company Awards


Last week, we asked our readers to help us re-design our slightly-outdated Cool Company Awards logo. Via this site, Twitter and Facebook, we asked you, dear Anthillians, to define what images you think epitomise the concept of cool.

The response was… well… less than overwhelming.

We can empathise. As pointed out in the initial post, defining ‘cool’ is hard. It’s highly subjective. We found ourselves lacking and sought your help. It turns out you were very much lacking too. So, let’s agree.

We both suck.

So now we really need your help

The plan was always to use this information to create a design brief and, then, via our friends at DesignCrowd, harness the power of crowdsourced design — as the latest in Anthill’s many real-world experiments.

We spent $295 of our own money and DesignCrowd stumped up an extra $200.

In one week, the brief attracted over 50 possible logo designs — 61, in fact — ranging from amateurish to absurd to surreal and, hopefully, to something with longevity that reflects what Anthillians expect from Cool Company Award branding.

We’ve shortlisted the best. And the best of the worst. We’re now seeking your input.

The best of the worst…

What constitutes the best of the worst? From black robot blobs to ice-cream emblems, these were the submissions that we considered just so whacky we had to share them.

The best according to Anthill…

What constitutes the best according to Anthill? These submissions have been broken into three sets that we found kind of cool; Classic logos, Referential logos and Themed logos.

The Classics

These logos are polished and refined. They are also uplifting, strangely patriotic, yet a tad formulaic. Do any of these represent the ‘personality’ of the Cool Company Awards?

The Referential

These logos clearly reference the historical branding of the awards — the ties, the shadows. But does this style offer longevity? Are any of these cool enough to make the cut?

The Themed

Every year, the ‘Cool’s have a theme. We pity the fool that doesn’t like a Tim Burton, Mad Men or Mr T referenced logo. But, once again, do these offer longevity? Does longevity matter?

Now, it’s time for you to have your say.

Click the link below to vote and provide feedback.


Or please leave a comment below.