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uberVU returns with improved online conversation tracking


Earlier this year we featured uberVU as our Website of the Week (“Let uberVU track conversations about you from all over the web“). The London-based online conversation-tracking service positioned itself as the missing link in social media and brand monitoring by aggregating mentions of your brand, website or event across many online channels.

It was an interesting service (invite-only beta at the time) and we used it quite a bit to track conversations around AnthillOnline. But, I have to admit, I hadn’t used it for months.

Last week we discovered that the uberVU team has been hard at work transforming the product based on the initial feedback received from private beta testers. And the public beta version is now live.

Improvements include:

  • Search – You can now search for keywords and URLs instead of just adding URLs.
  • Faster tracking – All the links on Twitter, Digg, Reddit and many more are tracked in close to real-time.
  • Analytics – A snapshot of the big picture helps you figure out where the buzz is (because you are unlikely to read 1,000 comments).
  • Public – Now in public beta, no invite code required to register.

If you haven’t checked out uberVU yet, it’s time you did. It’s a great way to peruse, in one place, who’s chatting about you online. For an example, here’s is the uberVU aggregation page for AnthillOnline.com. But you’ll be more interested in the results for your own url.