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Hyundai scores slam dunk with ‘Worst Parking Job Ever’ altruism


In this digital day and age where there is a camera on almost every corner (and in almost every pocket), video clips of car accidents and mishaps are a dime a dozen. But this CCTV footage from Canada of the ‘worst parking job ever’ has an extraordinary quality that has seen it become a YouTube sensation.

Over two million people have watched the video of an out of control BMW driver mounting the bonnets of two stationary cars while attempting to park, then doing a runner.

Not to miss a publicity opportunity, the marketers at Hyundai, noting that the car in the foreground that received the most damage was a Hyundai, caught the wave and donated a brand new Hyundai to the car’s owner, Todd Jamison. Call it a random act of kindness, with benefits.

Kudos to Hyundai. This surely bought more publicity and brand loyalty than a 30-second TVC ever could.

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