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Tish Naughton, 2013 Anthill 30under30 Winner


What is the 30under30?

30under30 is an Anthill initiative launched in early 2008 to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among young Australians.

Each year, we invite our readers to nominate young Australian entrepreneurs deserving of recognition for their outstanding entrepreneurial endeavours. More.

Tish Naughton, SA (b. 1987)

Name: Tish Naughton
Age: 26 (Born: July 1987)
Gender: Female
State: SA
Known for: Black Sheep Finance, Square Projects

Tish Naughton has goals that are big, woolly, and audacious. Her business, Black Sheep Finance, is the current culmination of these goals, and comes with a simple tagline: Stand Out From the Flock.

Yeah, we know: the finance industry has lost some of its credibility in recent years. (When did that start?) Little surprise, then, that Naughton sees her attitude to customers – that is, not hoodwinking them – as her real differentiator.

“Most finance companies are full of pompous jargon and they don’t actually care what you are trying to achieve and tend to scoff at your dreams,” the Adelaide native explains. “Whether you want to pay your home loan off in half the amount of time, retire early, develop a property portfolio or build a business empire, we offer the powerful wealth creation strategies to get you there.”

Get to know Naughton and you quickly grow impressed at her panache. The 26-year-old holds two diplomas in finance, is pursuing a third, and is the first person in South Australia, of any age or gender, to obtain the designation of Certified Exit Planning Advisor. In 2011, she was named Inbusiness Young Business Leader of the Year. Since August 2012, she has written 60 loans and helped 30 couples purchase their first investment properties.

In actuality, this is her third attempt at starting a biz in finance. (She’s also at the helm of Square Projects, a corporate advisory firm.) Naughton ascribes her earlier shortcomings to differences in “ethics” with her partners, and recounts the hardship of having to rebuild her client base more than once. At one point, she was laying stormwater pipes and selling off furniture to keep afloat.

Yet in the end, she declares, “I am so passionate about what I do and stubborn as a mule, so quitting was never an option.”

Wealth creation, of course, has more than a little to do with where Naughton finds fulfilment. It’s her ability to create, though, that fuels her passions. And having a sweet and catchy slogan certainly helps her cause.

“It’s extremely creative for the finance world and I get constant great feedback,” remarks Naughton. “Everyone who looks at my business card smiles, sometimes with a little laugh and asks, ‘Why black sheep finance?’”

‘Ewe’ had us at ‘Stand Out,’ Tish.

Anthill asks: Tish Naughton, what motivates you as an entrepreneur?

“I love daydreaming about how I’m going to build a hotel that delivers customer service worthy of royalty, how I’m going to change the corporate fashion world, and how I will help thousands of people become wealthy and achieve all their dreams. When I see something wrong with how a business operates be it bad customer service, or poor turnaround times I don’t write a letter, I think to myself how can I build a better business!”


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