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Three foolproof steps to buying the Best. Computer. Ever


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Would you buy a car without researching it first? Nope, us neither. How about a house? Ditto.

In the same way individuals take their time to weigh up the pros and cons before buying big-ticket items, so too should you do the necessary groundwork before investing in computers for your business.

Buying the wrong computers for your staff can quickly see you hemorrhaging ker-ching due to reduced productivity.

But if RAM to you equals boy sheep and gigahertz makes you go ‘Gigahuh?’ you could probably do with some of Intel’s expert guidance. In three quick, easy steps, no less…

Step One: Understand the terminology and what it means for your business

The processor, also known as the CPU or chip, is the ‘brain’ of the computer. It runs the show, so it’s important your new computer has one that rocks. Upgrading a processor can be expensive and complex, so buy the best one you can afford from the outset. The 2nd generation of Intel Core processors deliver a visibly faster and smarter PC experience to ensure your business looks the business.

The hard disk drive (HDD) is like the computer’s long term memory. It acts like a filing cabinet, storing information. The capacity of a HDD is measured in gigabytes (‘Gigahuhs?’) Unlike a processor, it’s easy to upgrade your HDD or add an external drive later for extra storage capacity. As a guide, 160GB of HD memory is recommended when purchasing a PC. And keep your peepers peeled for Solid State Drives (SSDs) – new technology that gives you increased performance.

RAM is like the computer’s short term memory. It’s used to process what the user is doing at that point in time. For example, browsing a website, viewing a presentation or sending emails. Tweak your RAM according to how you’re using your computer – more memory can always be added later on. Generally speaking, 2GB of RAM is adequate for most PC use.

Gigahertz (GHz) or clock speed is the pace a processor runs at. They play a big part in how quickly a processor executes a given task (or multiple tasks). A higher number of GHz does not guarantee better performance. The latest technology lets new processors do more with less.

Graphics determine how images appear on your screen. Integrated graphics are suitable for everyday tasks, while discrete graphics are ideal for 3D games and professional designers. As luck would have it, the built-in visuals of the 2nd generation Intel Core processors eliminate the need for a discrete graphics card, and deliver enhanced multimedia experiences including video editing and sharing, while reducing power consumption and cost.

Step Two: The old laptop versus desktop chestnut

If you need to take your computer on the road with you, the clue’s in the title. But if you’re glued to your desk and not sure which option’s for you, consider the following…

Laptops offer mobility, flexibility, dinky-ness, and advances in performance to just under its desktop brethren. On the downside, upgrading can cause a few butt-clenching moments and battery life may be an issue.

Desktops, on the other hand, offer performance and efficiency, multimedia grunt, ease-of-upgrading, and typically more bang for your buck. In the negative column, they can be chunky, and it’s not going on the road with you any time soon.

Step Three: Make a smart choice for today. And for the future.

Brace yourself for our uber-compelling sales pitch, folks. 2nd generation Intel Core Processors are the smart choice for any business. They’ve got goodies a-go-go, like improved, intuitive performance and unique visual features providing stunning graphics.

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