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The law of attracting your ideal client


As a small business owner, you may think it’s crazy to think about focusing on your Ideal Client. I mean, any client is a good client right?

Well, not really. And if you put all your energy and enthusiasm into trying to please or pacify challenging customers, quite you may miss other opportunities to grow your business and make more money.

When you work with your ideal client, everything that is important to you just works as you like. Your ideal client values your time and your expertise. They pay on time and they refer businesses to you. They are loyal and committed to the outcome they desire.

They are, in some ways, an extension of you. Sounds great?

Here are my Three Steps to magnetize your ideal client.

1. Identify your ideal client

First things first, can you identify this ideal client?

You need to know the type of person you want to work with before you can start attracting them into your eco-system. How old are they? Are they married with kids? What do they value? What is their income and where do they live and hang out? What are their interests?

All of these questions are just so important as without all of the answers to these questions, marketing and finding these people is very difficult and you will have to spread your marketing online and offline very thin and you might never hit the right target. This type of research is often called identifying your avatar for your business, and is often not done by SMEs very well. Don’t make the mistake of trying to be everything to everyone. Your sanity and business depends on you getting this right.

2. Speak their language

We buy from people we like and trust. In other words, we buy from people that are like us. In the previous step of identifying your ideal client, you will have painted a very clear picture of who they are. Now, if you want to draw them into your business, it is very important that you speak their language. Whether they are young or old, male or female, your ability to connect with your ideal client is crucial. The great thing is, by you being your authentic self and run a sincere business, you will never have to fake it or be something you are not.

3. Be where they are

As I mentioned, most SMEs don’t have the marketing budget to cover all bases and be everywhere all the time like the large corporations. We need to be strategic in our marketing and make our dollars count. One of the best ways for small businesses to attract clients is to form a relationship with them online on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter. If your ideal client loves watching ‘how to’ or educational videos online yet you don’t do videos for your business, you may be missing a huge opportunity to build a connection with these potential clients. Go where they are and build a relationship so you and your business are top of mind.

Another important thing I want to share is it is ok to say no to a deal or client if you get the feeling that it is going to be bring you more bad than good. In the early days, I used to say yes to every sale and every deal, and I certainly paid the price for doing so.

That is why today, my businesses are growing exponentially and I work with only those who are my ideal clients because I simply learnt to say no. There is no amount of money that will ever make me deviate from my set of rules about who I work with and what deal I make.

Sure, it was hard to let go at first, yet it has been the best thing I had ever done and now I work with my ideal client each and every day.

Natasa Denman is a skilled executive coach, author of four best-selling books, and founder of The Ultimate 48 Hour Author. For more information visit www.ultimate48hourauthor.com.au