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The five point strategy for social media success in five minutes a day


When you’re busy running a business, you may find yourself dropping the first thing that doesn’t seem to be working. For some, it’s social media.

“It doesn’t work in my business, I am different from those other businesses,” you may think. But, are you really different?

People buy from people they Know, Like, and Trust.

There are a few reasons why you need to be social and the main one is that people buy from people they “know, like and trust”.

People want to trust that what you’re selling is going to work, and they want to get to know and like you. Raving fans buy from you, and tell their friends about you. They will be there when you have something to sell.

Growing your social media presence is like a rolling snowball, as you move forward it naturally starts to get bigger and bigger. Of course the more time you have the better, but if you set aside five minutes everyday and use this social media strategy, within 30 days you may just see massive results.

The Five Must-Dos for successful social media

Here are the 5 things you must do to be successful when creating a social media presence:

1. Plan your strategy Set aside 1-2 hours to plan your strategy.

Plan your daily tasks and do a little research. What do you want to tell people daily? Around 80 per cent of the information should be informative,funny, or interesting. And, 20 per cent should be related to sales of your products. Choose a few websites that you will use to gather your content from and create some posts, graphics, or videos about what you are selling.

2. Choose 1-2 social media platforms and do them well.

If you are selling to females in their 20s you may choose Instagram, males in their 30s choose Youtube, or if you’re selling to business people, choose Linkedin or Twitter.

You don’t have to spread yourself thin across all platforms. It’s more effective to choose one or two platforms and manage them really well.

3. Choose the right time of day.

For B2C businesses, choose a time of the day where people are off work and ready to surf their social media pages. This could be early in the morning while people are commuting to work, or at about 8pm. For B2B businesses, posts at around 9am -5pm.

4. Set a monthly competition (This is about giving value)

Everyone likes a little competition now and then. Competitions are a good way to engage with fans and have them participate in your business. Make it simple and don’t get hung up on the logistics. For instance, offer a monthly $20 Amazon voucher to the person who shares the most of your posts.

5. Comment, like, and interact.

Each day you should not only post comments but also like/follow other people and like and comment on their posts. Interaction with people in your business community is key.

Here are some examples of what you can do in five minutes once you have your system set:


  • Pin 3-4 images that is not selling anything (it may be your latest blog post image) and link to it.
  • Pin one image with a link to sales page.
  • Follow 10 other people that are interested in your industry (This is the important part, they must have an interest in what you offer) You can find these people by looking at your competitors’ followers.
  • Re-pin or like at least one pin by each these new people you are following.


  • Post at least one post on your business page, be it informative, engaging, or funny.
  • Post a link to your blog post with the headline and first paragraph of blog.
  • Make a sales pitch once every five posts.
  • (Help others) Join groups related to your industry and comment on posts by other people.


  •  Tweet something helpful/informative/funny/question/interesting with hashtags.
  • Tweet your blog post link with hashtags.
  • Make one in every five posts a sales pitch tweet.
  • Follow 10 people interested in industry (You can find these people by looking at your competitors followers).
  • Retweet, like or comment on 10 of your followers tweets.

The best part about doing this for five minutes every day is that it looks natural (not spammy), and you can manage the workload. You don’t need to be a social media expert, you just need to take the five minutes a day to do it.

You may want to use other platforms such as Google+, Weheartit, or Vine. This strategy is the same no matter which social media you think is best for your business.

Another great way to get people even more interested in your business it to use video. In all my testing of social media, video wins hands down. The shorter and more concise the better. It doesn’t need to be movie quality, so just make it happen.

Give it a go. Set a timer for only five minutes each day. I am challenging you to try this strategy for a month and see what happens.

Once you realise the potential of what you can achieve in that time, I guarantee you will realise that it is worth investing a little more time into it. You will also see that you will be able to get more done as the month progresses.

The whole idea is to put out content people want to share so your raving fans become the ones doing the work for you.

Caroline has over 15 years of business and marketing experience which allows her to leverage her clients’ businesses & rescue them from overwhelmed.