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The dangers of providing your staff with mobile phones


In a new report, Stratatel Limited analyses the costs of mobile phones to companies and organisations and reveals that the inappropriate use of mobile phone by employees may have greater consequences than huge phone bills.

According to a new report, Corporate Governance: Inappropriate Use of Mobile Devices, companies that provide mobile phones to their employees recognise that they are sometimes used for personal calls, yet they generally don’t know to what extent. The report also identified other problems that the inappropriate use of mobile phones might create for a business.

“The financial cost of inappropriate use of a mobile phone is just one risk. Organisations also need to consider the risk of an unlawful discrimination claim, a sexual harassment claim, and the misuse of commercially sensitive information,” said Matt Parry, CEO of Stratabel.

The report also provides some suggested solutions: companies should establish rules for what constitutes unacceptable and inappropriate use of the company’s mobile phones.

According to the paper, a mobile phone policy would give companies the opportunity to engage in disciplinary action if necessary and would minimise mobile phone misuse.

The report also suggests that companies should also monitor employees mobile phone use to be sure that the policy is being followed.

“Without detailed monitoring of mobile phone behaviour, organisations cannot address breaches of policy and prevent repeat offences,” said Matt Parry.

“It is a vital element in the modern workplace and employers would do well to specifically address this issue in their organisations.”

As an example, the report depicts how the Northern Territory government has lost a claim for an excessive phone bill against a employee because it failed to be clear about how much mobile phone personal use was acceptable.

Photo by Dominik Syka