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Wasted Opportunity With 'Don't Reply'

Take every chance to hear from your customers. Don't waste a single one. If they bother to hit reply and type something out, you should read it. If you're product or service doesn't have the margin to allow for listening to your customers when they want to talk to you, then you're in trouble.

Marketing is war

Marketing is war, anyway you look at it. You are battling the enemy, your competition. You are battling to dominate the market. Marketing is combat, and for every combat you need a strategy. Tighten your helmet as Jordan Mullen guides you through the trenches.

PR flacks beware! Your product campaigns are subject to video review.

Mick and other bloggers weren't impressed with this "spammy" contact, and made that clear. So Publicis Mojo had another crack, sending him a package. Mick deceided to capture his impressions of this second marketing effort by videoing the grand opening in the form of a review.

The risk with green

Henry Ford’s marketing promise has moved on the colour wheel. Every company, product and service, from diapers through to life insurance, has become green.

Tunnel Talk: Business makeovers

Australian Anthill Magazine, Dec 2008/Jan 2009 We asked three marketing mavens to get up close and personal with three deserving readers and give them the...

How to open a bar

As a former public relations consultant, Matt Mullins once made a living telling stories. Now, as a publican, his job is more about listening...

The 5 Myths of PR

Publicity can be a very powerful marketing tool. Endorsement from a reviewer, presenter, editor or journalist carries a lot of weight. Getting publicity for...

Don’t forget the customer

Consumers are overloaded with information, choices and marketing. If you want to ensure that your marketing efforts are being applied effectively, shift your marketing...

Anne-Marie Birkill – i.lab CEO

For Anne-Marie Birkill, CEO of i.lab technology incubator, life has been rather serendipitous. Graduating with a science degree, she fell into plant biotechnology, where a short-term secondment to Brisbane transformed her into General Manager and 25 percent shareholder within two years. So began a twenty year career spanning management, consulting, lecturing and new technology incubation.

How to win at classifieds

First off, let's be clear. We have to kill the phrase 'online classifieds'. At best, it has the weary note of strained metaphors, like moving staircases and horseless carriages. At worst, it's symptomatic of a dated way of thinking about the world. These days, winning in classifieds really means winning in markets. And that, dear readers, is a much tougher job.

Media shake up – only the moguls will gain

The Packer deal took everybody by surprise. It coincided perfectly with the media reform announcements, but in fact had more to do with maximising shareholder value than with media reforms.

For miracle sales, get a halo

It seems like every bus shelter you pass features a back-lit silhouette of a dancing girl or boy with wires coming out of their ears. You don't have to read the logo to know that it's another ad for iPod. But did you know that the ad is doing wonders for Apple PCs?

Media tips

One of the many reasons I love the work I do as a freelance journalist is that I get to spend a lot of time talking to emerging Australian technology companies. There is a vast wealth of incredible innovation in this country, embodied within hundreds of companies that will reshape the world in their own small way.

The power of tittle-tattle

Greetings Anthillians! I've been sipping a glass of fine wine and contemplating the grapevine. Word of mouth has to be the most powerful form of advertising. How else could a brief conversation by the water cooler precipitate the purchase of a $300 dollar bottle of plonk? Professional antagoniser, Ray Beatty, is on the case.

Australia’s innovation blind spot

I recently had the good fortune to host the Commercialisation EXPO 2006 conference held in Melbourne. It covered all the right areas and was a great success, but it is clear that one troubling issue remains - the chasm between innovation and marketing is as wide today as it has ever been.

Australia's innovation blind spot

I recently had the good fortune to host the Commercialisation EXPO 2006 conference held in Melbourne. It covered all the right areas and was a great success, but it is clear that one troubling issue remains - the chasm between innovation and marketing is as wide today as it has ever been.

How long is a piece of spin?

G'day Anthillians. These are troubled times, but nothing some good PR can't fix! Antagoniser extraordinaire, Ray Beatty, considers exhibit A: the brand new Hardest Job In The World. (Hint, it's not W's.)

All hail the salesperson!

Salespeople acquired a stereotype for foot-in-the-door, sell-your-mother-for-a-dollar moral bankruptcy long before Zig Zigler cartwheeled his way into the public consciousness. But if salespeople appear a hardened bunch it's because they spend their days on the front line. And let's face it, if salespeople fail, no one gets paid. It's about time we cleared society's pedestal of entertainment celebrities, precious artists and fatuous egomaniacs. At long last, it's time to hail the salesperson!

Strategy: Securing your first customer

Achieving your first sale can literally make or break a start-up. Many investors will delay committing significant funds until you can identify a customer...

Marketing: What’s in a brand?

Negative or positive, everyone and every business stands for something. You can’t always control the opinions others form about your business, but you can...
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