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Hungry mouths and generous souls fund food truck location aggregator

The Samaritan site, if you will, just raised $11,000 via crowdfunding site Pozible, thanks perhaps to generous souls and hungry mouths. Unlike many crowfunding projects, donors to WhereTheTruck get nothing other than the assurance of quickly finding the trucks they want, and the promise to build an iPhone app.

With iPhone app, Pygg’s social payments just got easier

But Pygg’s market opportunity arises largely because banks are, well, banks. Even though most banks offer a variety of mobile transactions, they are hardly easy to use. A maze of links, codes and authentication, and sometimes having to remember a friend’s phone number etc., riddle the user. And then there is the cost a well.

Leave your wallet at home. You can now buy a round of drinks with...

Wouldn't it be easier if your iPhone did everything? Well, now it almost can. Now, it can buy you drinks without the need to carry cash. A cash-free system for buying cocktails. What's not to like?

Now you can get your condoms like your mobile phone subscription and measure your...

Big Richard Industries Pty Ltd has launched a monthly condom subscription to combat embarrassment about buying condoms. The company cites a recent NSW Health report that of people aged 20-29, only 40.51% of people admit they always use condoms during sex. Its deduction was that problems of availability and awkwardness of over the counter sales were to blame, and that it could offer another solution.

Marcus Lim, 2011 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

For the homeowner whose wiring is on the fritz, whose busted kitchen cabinets beg for a makeover or whose bricks are simply lacking mortar, finding a professional to do the job can be nerve-wracking (and sometimes even mess with your plumbing). Pick A Quote, the website and iPhone application developed by Sydney's Marcus Lim, enables these overwhelmed individuals to post their jobs online and compare offers from competing trades and service providers in the neighbourhood.

Brandon Cowan, 2011 Anthill 30under30 Winner

When the 17 year-old's mum misplaced her car in a large parking lot, the ol' lightbulb came on. With a partner, Cowan developed iParkedHere, a iPhone app that combines GPS tech, the phone's camera and a simple timer to help people locate their vehicles and keep track of time left in a metered parking spot. The app, which sells for $1.99 in the Apple Store, has attracted thousands of downloads and became the tentpole for Cowan's software development company, Crazy Dog Apps.

AutoCarLog (SMART 100)

AutoCarLog was created as a result of a challenge, a challenge to build a successful technology startup in just seven days and for less than $500. It was born from the need to modernise paperback vehicle mileage logbooks with a convenient, fast, environmentally friendly and tech based approach.

How to win Coles Egg Racer game. Prepare for a beat-up!

The app is a rare example of an Aussie brand developing a promotion exclusively for iPhone users. I'm talking about the development of an actual application, rather than the increasingly passe trend of giving an iPhone away as a prize. Or, strangely, giving iPhone users free access to Twitter and making a big fuss about it.

Cool Award winner carves up iTunes charts with ‘Ask the Butcher’ iPhone app

Protein One, winner of the Commercial Creativity Award at the 2009 Anthill Cools for its Ask The Butcher creative campaign, unexpectedly stormed up the iTunes charts over the holidays with its 'Ask The Butcher' iPhone App.

Cool Award winner carves up iTunes charts with 'Ask the Butcher' iPhone app

Protein One, winner of the Commercial Creativity Award at the 2009 Anthill Cools for its Ask The Butcher creative campaign, unexpectedly stormed up the iTunes charts over the holidays with its 'Ask The Butcher' iPhone App.

iPhone app review: Oz Weather and Pocket Weather

The top two weather apps on the Australian iTunes store are Oz Weather and Pocket Weather. These two are the weather man/girl for your iPhone.

iPhone app review: TripIt

The travel category of apps is the premium space on the iPhone app store - the Paris end, if you will. Although the more pricey apps reside here, they might make the difference between a great or average trip, missing or catching a flight, so it’s worth considering forking out the coin.
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