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Cool Award winner carves up iTunes charts with ‘Ask the Butcher’ iPhone app


We love seeing Cool Company Awards winners kicking goals.

Protein One, winner of the Commercial Creativity Award at the 2009 Anthill Cools for its Ask The Butcher creative campaign, unexpectedly stormed up the iTunes charts over the holidays with its ‘Ask The Butcher’ iPhone App.

The world’s first butcher iPhone app was the brainchild of Protein One, Blind Mice Studios and Anthony Puharich from Vic’s Meat. It reached #2 spot in the Top Paid Lifestyle Apps in Australia over the Christmas period, headed only by Jamie Oliver’s iPhone app and surpassing both the SMH and The Age lifestyle apps.) It also peaked at #40 in the overall Paid Apps in Australia within its first two weeks of release.

The cooking app helps users learn more about quality meat and where it comes from, features 40 exclusive recipes as well as a unique cooking timer that allows you to choose your cut, weight, cooking method and how you would like it ‘done’.


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