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Startups and investors listen up! SSX is the new stock market just for you, whoever you are


Ah, there is nothing like a great idea. Don’t you just love it when an idea comes along that is so good you thing ‘dang, why didn’t I think of that’?

Well, here is just such an idea. The latest good idea to go big is Startup Stock Exchange, or SSX, and it is making waves throughout the global business community – with good reason.

What does SSX do?

SSX is a public stock exchange that helps startups raise capital by selling shares of ownership to investors anywhere in the world.

SSX functions very much like angel investing a la AngelList and SeedInvest, among others. SSX is marketing itself quite heavily toward the international investing sect.

To make the prospect more attractive to the understandably skeptical investor, SSX offers full compliance with Dutch law – as the platform is operating from Curacao, making it part of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange.

This makes SSX a government regulated, global marketplace for funding your startup. Wow, they are speaking Anthillian, aren’t they?

What does it take to get your startup on the SSX?

While the process of listing on the SSX is extremely attractive to many startups, for obvious reasons, the process is intense.

Here is what the SSX website says about the process:

“SSX offers a multi-step fee structure to ensure you are only paying for what you receive.  The total application fee, from initial registration through funding of your company, is only $5,525, no matter the amount you are raising. This means the fees paid for the application process are the same for a company raising $500,000 as a company raising $1 million.

Here is how SSX application fees are structured:

·         $25: Executive Summary

Each company submits an Executive Summary.  The summary is a 6 step questionnaire which SSX uses to give feedback to a company.

·         $500: Business Plan Review

SSX performs a detailed analysis of the business plan for the specific market, the background of key management, the financial information and the business model for each company.

·         $2,500: Due Diligence

SSX performs corporate, financial, and legal due diligence on the Company, its Directors and major shareholders.  Each company is fully vetted by SSX.

·         $2,500: Listing Approval

The Company’s formal trading application is completed and an Offering Prospectus is finalized.  The DCSX reviews the material and, if approved, the Company is listed.  This fee is only charged upon approval of the Listing.

Upon filing, the Initial Public Offering (IPO) SSX will charge a 1.5% trading commission on the offering value.

For example a company that raises $500,000 would pay SSX only $12,025 in total fees. That is just 2.4% of total money raised by the company.”

In addition to a rigorous vetting process for all listed startups, each accepted company is required to post biweekly reports to investors. That is definitely the kind of transparency investors can appreciate.

Who can invest?

Almost anyone can invest at SSX.

Right now investors from the USA and Canada are caught up in the last bit of bureaucratic regulatory compliance, but SSX expects to reach those markets soon.

Investors from elsewhere around the world are welcome to sign up for SSX investing. In doing so, investors have no investment limits and a low commission rate of 1.5-per cent on each transaction.  Shares are fully liquid,and can be traded at will, on demand.

Hey, what are you waiting for?

This is not a coming soon attraction. SSX is already taking applications from startups and investors. So, since you are probably one or the other of those things, what are you waiting for? It is time to start clicking, peeps.