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Somebody pinch me! One new startup is bringing free stuff right to your door


Who doesn’t love free stuff? You know, no money exchanged goodies that magically appear in the post.
Somebody pinch me!

Well, it would some that one new Aussie startup is doing just that. PINCHme has officially launched and it’s bringing freebies to homes all over the country. PINCHme has just successfully completed a month-long pre-launch, and it would seem to be all systems go for the site specialising in samples.

During the pre-launch phase of the all-new sampling and digital marketing platform, the site signed up over 270,000 members and distributed over 150,000 samples across Australia, and now has expectations of reaching 2 million members over the coming year.

What do you get?

Visitors to the site can sign-up to receive free samples of big name products through the mail. Current products offered on the site include a Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara, Avene Micellar Lotion, Listerine Total Care Fresh Burst Mouthwash and Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips.

The available products run the gamut, from the essential to the delicious, across ten categories. PINCHme’s selection has something for everyone, and any adult can become a member, for free.

Executive Chairman, Jeremy Reid, says of his company, “PINCHme is pioneering an innovative sampling and digital platform in an effort to give Australian consumers a voice.  So far we’ve been delighted with the excitement from our new members. Equally, it’s a fantastic tool for the brands involved to gain valuable consumer feedback on their new products. We have seen a substantial increase in enquiries from household brands wishing to jump on board following the successful pre-launch.”

Pinch an inch, take a smile

PINCHme members can also join the Pinching Rewards Program, which allows members to earn points toward additional products.

The company is also urging engagement in the form of completing feedback, sharing and liking products on social media and referring friends to the site.

Amongst other rewards, the member who earns the most points each month can win $1,000 (we’re talking real money here) to put towards their monthly grocery bill at Coles or Woolworths.

Surprise and delight

In addition to its already cool offerings, the company plans to add a large selection of new products from brands including Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, Johnson & Johnson Pacific and Heinz in the very near future. And, they’ve got the brass to back it up.

Maile Carnegie, Managing Director of Procter & Gamble Australia/New Zealand, says “engaging with our targeted consumers is critical to the success of P&G and we are committed to the PINCHme digital platform to achieve our goals in maintaining our products’ leadership in what is a very competitive market.”

PINCHme has even partnered with eBay to bring their partner products to even more Australians.

eBay Head of Advertising & Commercial Partnerships, JJ Eastwood, says “We’re thrilled to open up our platform to help these leading brands reach such a broad target audience quickly and efficiently.”

Not only are the big brands backing PINCHme, but shareholders include Seek’s founder Andrew Bassat, leading creative agency Droga5, the Liberman family’s LJCB Investment Group and Smorgon family interests, as well as Australian Capital Equity and senior management of PINCHme, led by Executive Chairman, Jeremy Reid.

In the search to help brands to reach their ideal consumers, and get measurable return on investment, PINCHme aims to partner with over 100 different companies from the FMCG space by the end of 2013.

Pinching ahead

“For us it’s about the evolution of marketing. We know brands are looking for better, smarter and more efficient ways to connect with consumers. By aligning with digitally fit clients, it means that we can stay at pace with the consumer marketplace and help brands deepen their relationship with grocery buyers online”, says Melissa Dean, PINCHme’s Commercial Director.

So it would seem that PINCHme’s model is a nod in a new direction for digital marketing. Brands have long been aware of the power of sampling, and by having so many freebies in one outlet, PINCHme appears poised to make a big splash in a (for now) small sea.