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So you think you are creative? Then put your brain where your mouth is! Not literally…


Are you naturally creative? Well, now how would you like to win $5,000 cash?

Media giant Foxtel gives creatives a shot at $5,000 cash and exposure through Australia’s first video crowdsourcing platform for ad content, Brand Honee. Film creatives have until midnight, 2 June, 2013 to submit their video entries. Foxtel will award the $5,000 for the content that best raises awareness for their Green I.T. initiative.

According to Robyn Elliott, CIO of Foxtel, “At Foxtel, we are conscious of the impact of IT on the environment and want to help promote sustainable actions to reduce waste and become more energy-efficient. Brand Honee gives us a new way to raise awareness while also raising the profiles of highly-talented Australian creatives.”

The winning entry will be used to promote International Green IT Awareness Week (1-7 June, 2013). Foxtel is the most recent Australian brand teaming up with Brand Honee to award a total of $100,000 in cash prizes to aspiring creatives.

According to Laurence Wolf, CEO and Founder of Brand Honee, “We’ve already awarded $40,000 to local filmmakers with these contests. We’re putting creatives in front of name brands that they previously had no access to.”

“It gives them a shot at the spotlight while creating meaningful, innovative content. Brand Honee combines social networking with user-generated advertising to give brands meaningful content they can leverage online.”

On what ripple effects he expects to see in the advertising industry after this contest, Mr Wolf said, “Brand Honee is a great way to generate amazing content and help profile so much awesome Australian talent.  A minority in the advertising industry may see us as a threat but that’s not the reality at all. We are merely another avenue of creativity and engagement but we’re not a one size fits all solution.”

“In fact, for the more savvy and open creative agencies they will see Brand Honee as a tool to they can integrate into their own offering and leverage up and coming talent. The only thing that limits any of us is our imaginations.”

“We’re aiming to go live with 20 competitions before July 31st 2013… that’s a minimum of $100,000 on offer for Australian creatives. For brands it’s a sure fire way to get great content and show support for the spectacular talent that is being untapped in this country,” said Mr Wolf about the future of Brand Honee beyond this contest.

“For creatives it’s a great way to exercise what they’re good at, making “moving art” (video/film) while getting their name in front of people who might be able to help them. Long term, we want to position Brand Honee as more than just competitions but as a tool where they can showcase their talents and help them find their audience.”

Professional and aspiring filmmakers go to their site to create original video content for leading brands like Foxtel. Brands wanting to create meaningful and engaging content simply create a brief, offer a cash prize and then sit back and watch the content roll in.

So do you want to enter or sponsor a contest? Then head over to www.brandhon.ee or contact [email protected].