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Smart 100 – Vivid Ideas Readers’ Choice Awards


They embody the passions of earnest inventors and the dreams of budding business builders. They are the products of industries both old and new, from organisations large and small.

They are the spoils of skunkworks and represent the rigours of R&D. Above all else…

They sure have a lot of friends!

The Readers’ Choice Index was created to provide an opportunity for Anthill readers to vote on SMART 100 applications, in one of three ways:

  1. Tweet it: Top left of each page (3 points)
  2. Trigger a Reaction: Facebook ‘Like’, etc (2 points)
  3. Leave a Comment: Anonymous comments excluded (1 points)

The rules also exclude any funny business, like paying for Likes and Tweets.

At the conclusion of the Readers’ Choice component, we promised to tally up the results and create an Index according to the votes of our readers. And here they are!

And the 2014 Readers’ Choice are…

Rank Innovation Total
WINNER B1G1: Business for Good 985
TOP10 Track Your Impact 922
TOP10 Unity 767
TOP10 Mind Screen 731
TOP10 Medic52 480
TOP10 Newsmodo 420
TOP10 MindHive 390
TOP10 Geddup 373
TOP10 Ecoriginals Eco Nappies 368
TOP10 Strictly Service 354
TOP50 Cruiser – connected surfaces platform 346
TOP50 Anecsys.Translate 290
TOP50 The Protein Bread Co 286
TOP50 AME Predictive Modelling Decision-Making Tool 268
TOP50 ChekRite 258
TOP50 PromiseLocker 228
TOP50 Concept.vu 216
TOP50 myEd App 215
TOP50 Hydrowall 208
TOP50 With One Voice choir program 201
TOP50 AtomoRapid HIV 174
TOP50 Atmail 171
TOP50 Alsaker Executive Membership 161
TOP50 Moon Mama’s Take-Off Tote, All-In-One Diaper Bag, Feeding Pillow & Play Mat 158
TOP50 Marine Zones Apps 140
TOP50 The Premium Wine Card 139
TOP50 PeoplePRINT 125
TOP50 GoStandBy 121
TOP50 Cloakr 117
TOP50 Shomi 116
TOP50 CueZero 110
TOP50 myWatt 86
TOP50 CareMonkey 81
TOP50 SOUNDSEZEE*TM “makes music easy” 76
TOP50 Mini Melting Moments 68
TOP50 Anna Cares 68
TOP50 SATR 2.0 65
TOP50 CyberQuad 62
TOP50 Geepers 62
TOP50 mPole 61
TOP50 Aduro LMS 56
TOP50 Pump Defenda 49
TOP50 Rocksolver optimisation software for green building 28
TOP50 Moneysoft 17
TOP50 Architectural Heliostat & Daylighting System 16
TOP50 Standalone car rental excess cover 15
TOP50 Combo Design 3 in 1 Mattress 12
TOP50 UniFORM by Evado 9
TOP50 Pure Poppet Natural Play Makeup & Face Paint 9
TOP100 Walkabout Your Business Pop-up Village 7
TOP100 QuicklyPay.it 6
TOP100 Maths Pathway 5
TOP100 PeoplePledge 3
TOP100 Online Exit Interview 3
TOP100 Rozibaby 3
TOP100 S2B Smart Shower 2


How did we do it and why was it done this way?

Let’s be frank. Readers’ Choice Awards are usually conducted for two reasons.

The first is to provide readers with a voice. This is obviously a good thing. It takes the decision making process away from a few and gives it to many.

The second is to raise awareness. In our world, that could also be interpreted to mean, ‘get more traffic’.

As such, we acknowledge that many award programs often end up becoming (for want of a better description) media sanctioned popularity contests. And with acknowledgement comes acceptance.

So, rather than rail against this hard fact (Oh, the inequity!), we decided to ignore our internal cynics (the ones in our brains, not just the ones in our office) and reward voters according to the effort they put in to reach their own networks.

That’s right, we empowered our entrants to kick start the marketing for us.

And, to state the obvious, if success is built on marketing flair (even partially), our readers’ favourites are likely to have a bright future.

Why are some of the Top 100 missing?

Some innovations resorted to funny business, purchasing Likes and Tweets from crowdsourcing sites like Fiverr.com. And that’s against the rules!

If your innovation is not on the list and you think it should be (if you generated more than a few social reactions and did not get up to any funny business), let us know and plead your case, so that we can get you back on the list.

To see how they ranked according to our maven judges, click here.