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Six hard questions that will make you find direction in life


Without having clearly-defined goals, the chances of living the life you deserve are not in your favour.

Ask yourself a few powerful questions:

• In five years’ time, how much money do I want in my bank account?

• In one year’s time, who have I consciously gone out of my way for to help improve the quality of their life?

• In one year’s time, what do I want to understand about myself that I don’t now (my weight, financial situation, not having enough energy etc)?

• In ten years’ time, what house will I be living in? How many bedrooms will it have? What suburb will it be in? How much will it to be worth? How will I pay for it?

• In five years’ time, how much more money will I be earning than I am now?

• How can I make all of the above a reality?

These questions are all about clarity. Without having clearly-defined goals it’s impossible to live the life that you want.

For example, an archer knows they have to hit the target in front of them as close to the bullseye as possible. If you set clearly-defined goals in your life, you’ll be more like an archer aiming for his target.

Without these goals you’re like an archer that’s been blindfolded and spun around several times, not knowing where to stand or aim.

If the questions are hard to answer, then answer this instead: What are the chances of an archer hitting a target if he has no idea where it is? About the same chance of you achieving a goal you haven’t even set.

Don’t live life as the blindfolded archer hoping to fire the lucky shot ‘one day’. Set your goals, create the compelling future you want and deserve, spend time finding the answers to the questions above, then set up action steps towards achieving them.

Ross Scutts is the Co-Founder and General Manager of The Young Entrepreneurs Club.