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New Coca-Cola fountain mixes 100 different drinks on the spot


We’re all pretty familiar with the flavour of Coke. But with the introduction of Coca-Cola’s next generation drink fountain, you may soon find yourself having a hard time remembering what flavours you haven’t tried already.

Last week, Coca-Cola North America announced Coca-Cola Freestyle, a self-serve soda dispenser that offers over 100 different flavours at one place.

Equipped with a LCD touch screen, the machine allows you to choose from varieties of waters, juices, teas and sparkling beverages, which includes your usual Coke and Fanta as well as their fruity variants: Raspberry Coke, Peach Fanta, etc.

All flavours are mixed freshly on the spot and many of the options have never been seen on the market. The only disappointment is that the machine doesn’t allow you to create your own killer mix Peach-Raspberry Coke with a dash of Fanta.

Coca-Cola Freestyle Drink Fountains

According to a company statement, the new machine represents a complete departure from equipments The Coca-Cola Company has offered in the past, and has been in development for nearly four years.

Beyond the wow factor, the machine collects consumer choice data and feeds this information back to the Coke HQ in Atlanta, allowing the company to track and analyse flavour popularity, peak times and locations.

While the new Freestyle machine is still being rolled out in the United States and will take a long time (if not forever) before it reaches Australia, it’s still amazing browsing through all the options available. For starters, would you want to try some Strawberry Sprite?

Coke’s 100 different flavours machine