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    Singing for a tech co founder! One start up tries a new approach to finding talent [VIDEO]


    A Sydney based startup You Chews has kicked off a search for a tech cofounder in a novel way.

    Here’s a video of Liz from You Chews singing, No Tech Cofounder, Don’t Cry, complete with a hat Bob Marley would be happy with.

    So many startups have difficulty finding a tech cofounder, so this approach should help this company stand out from the masses. It shows that this startup is different, creative and, that they have personality.

    What are they looking for? To quote the lyrics (read them in full here), “a tech generalist with logistics experience in the catering industry in a double-sided marketplace we’d like to find”.

    Sound like someone you know, get some more info at Silicon Beach.

    Good luck Liz and the You Chews team, hope you find your tech cofounder soon!

    Tech Cofounder song

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