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Scratch your detox plans, this start-up is making it cheaper to have alcohol delivered straight to your door


Got detox plans? Well, you might have to put them on ice… like whiskey. Ha!

QuickBottle, a Sydney-based alcohol delivery service, is out to make it much easier to get alcohol delivered to your door without the markup one would expect for such a service.

How? The start-up has recently launched a price-match campaign. They have picked the most-sold products in beer and spirits and negotiated prices with their suppliers to create a range of the most popular drinks at great prices. In fact, some prices are even better than at bottle shops.

Say hello to booze on demand

The QuickBottle service is perfect for if you’re cosying up on the couch with a date and want to order in a cheeky bottle of red, if you’re watching the footy with mates and need a few extra frothies, or are just having a takeaway for one and want a few sips (or more) of your favourite bevvy.

“Let’s face it, no one wants to drive in traffic, battle bad weather, look for parking and wait in queues at bottle shops. Especially if it’s the weekend or a rainy day and all you want is just a six pack or a bottle of wine,” says co-founder Marc Chris.

“That’s why we’re here. We’ll do all the driving and the waiting. All you need to do is choose the drinks you want, and we’ll deliver them straight to you. It’s really that easy.”

They have a mobile site where one can sign up and order immediately after as well as a dedicated service for corporate companies.

“It’s like having your own personal concierge – always happy to give advice or recommendations on any size event. Whether it’s after work drinks, a work function or simply sending a thank you gift, we will get the job done.”

What is the motivation behind QuickBottle?

Co-founders Marc and Shayne are two brother-in-laws who run a boutique wine distribution, a family business servicing Sydney’s funky bars and restaurants.

“It is an inevitable progression from being wine wholesalers to becoming online retailers delivering on demand,” Marc told Anthill.

“We wanted to challenge the idea of affordable convenience,” he went on to share, about the inspiration behind their service.

“The independent bottle shops needed to differentiate themselves from the big chains such as Dan Murphy, BWS and the like. So on demand delivery provided bottle shops an additional income stream and convenience to the customer.”

However, QuickBottle is obviously not the first alcohol delivery service in Australia. What exactly sets you apart from your competitors like say, Jimmy Brings, we asked.

“Most of the players now have a limited product range, they are acting more as an emergency alcohol service,” Marc said. “QuickBottle is aiming to be the first choice when it comes to alcohol ordering.”

“Our platform connects the entire range of products at your local bottle shop with surrounding customers. I am sure that with higher volumes we will be able to match big chain prices and eventually beat them.”

QuickBottle, which started almost a year ago, is already handling over 50 orders a night and has recently expanded beyond Sydney to Melbourne.

Plans are also in place to launch in Brisbane and they are always looking for bottle shop partners to expand their delivery area.