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‘Rollable’ screens coming to a street near you soon


The rapid pace of technology development just seems to keep moving forward on an exponential curve. While mobile technology is nothing new and taking our computers ‘away from the desk’ is becoming an every day experience for many, interaction with technology ‘on-the-move’ is also fast becoming a reality.

Nowadays, you only have to head down into the underground system, or walk along the streets, of many of the world’s major cities to see that traditional print adverts are being replaced by screens displaying full-blown video ads in place of their static ancestors.

Well, Sony has recently developed the prototype of a rollable OLED (organic LED) screen that can be bent and distorted while still rendering crystal clear 432 by 240 pixel video images.

With the potential for screens to be wrapped pretty much anywhere and around non-linear surfaces, this means that the sky is the limit for running ads anywhere or screening video wherever you like – cue a scene from any 90’s sci-fi movie.