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Rimon invests $100,000 in Jayride thanks to a coffee meeting from three years ago


The world of investing in technology start-ups certainly is exciting and trendy and is tailored for those risk takers amongst us.

However all investors need to find that magic formula that helps them pick what they believe to be the winners.

At Rimon Investments they have taken an ace from the game of poker’s sleeve. You have likely heard the all too famous quote, play the player not the game.

This is exactly Rimon’s philosophy but with one big difference than that of a poker table. When playing poker the players probably don’t know each other very well and are using their wit and smarts to pick up nuances that will give away the most acute secret into how their counterpart on the opposite side of the table operates.

At Rimon they are determined to build relationships with with the entrepreneurs they invest in and get to really know who they are. They essentially get to a point of being on the same side of the table, playing together as a team.

How Rimon met Jayride

This is the story behind Rimon’s latest technology ace investment, Jayride Technologies.

About three years ago,when Jayride was in its infancy, Rod Bishop (CEO and co-founder of Jayride) met with Gary Shapiro (Director Rimon Investments). The two met at a coffee shop in Martin place, one of the more trendy areas in the Sydney CBD.

Rod came on board for some of Rimon’s advisory services and the relationship began. Through this process the Rimon team got to understand what Jayride are all about, the tech and the team.

When it came time for Jayride to raise funding it was a logical next step to speak to Rimon as the relationship between the companies had been deeply embedded and Rimon understood exactly what Jayride are about and even more importantly the amazing tech company Jayride is about to become.

Simply put, Jayride is e-commerce for passenger trips. It is a transformative technology for booking ground passenger transport suppliers online and has the world’s largest direct e-commerce catalogue of ground transport. Headquartered in Sydney, Jayride is rapidly expanding their global footprint with some exciting deals in the pipeline.

Rimon Investments backed Jayride with $100,000 which was part of a larger capital raise and Rimon Advisory has to date assisted Jayride in raising over half a million dollars through government incentives and grants. This investment fits perfectly with Rimon’s philosophy of supporting the seed and helping it flourish.

As stated by Rod, “Rimon have been instrumental in Jayride’s journey and we couldn’t have gotten to where we are today without the Rimon team”.