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Report suggests that Australian women are more likely to be successful if they work abroad


According to a global survey commissioned by the Hydrogen Group, women have better chances of advancing in their careers if they work abroad.

A report called ‘Global professionals on the Move 2011’ conducted by a team from the ESCP Europe Business School and commissioned by the Hydrogen Group, has arrived at the conclusion that women who work outside of their countries are more likely to advance faster in their careers.

“The global job opportunities for professional Australian women with overseas knowledge are numerous. The general consensus being that when women work abroad, they will come home to Australia with a wealth of experience that gives them the edge in advancing their careers here,” said Emma Halls, Director Hydrogen ANZ.

The survey analysed the responses from 2,637 professionals from 85 countries, with incomes of $100,000 AUD on average.

While women with international experience are sought in the Australian job market, most of those who travel abroad to work are men. According to the survey, of all the Australians working overseas, 67% are men and 33% are women.

The report also found that 40% of Australian working overseas wish to return home, though all the women surveyed recommended working abroad as it is an extremely positive experience that improved their career prospects, living conditions, salaries and personal development.

Other findings

The report also found that 98% of respondents recommend working abroad to others, with 93% responding that they would go abroad if they had the chance.

The survey also placed Australia in third place in the survey’s top relocation destinations, behind the United States and the United Kingdom, with 10% of the preferences. New Zealand comes further down the list with 3%.

Photo by Motohide Miwa