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Everybody loves transparency in government, right?

Well, a US federal agency, called the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, has taken this hallowed principle to a whole new level with the launch this week of RECOVERY.gov.

The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board consists of Inspectors General from about ten major cabinet agencies,  including the US Departments of Justice, Treasury, and Commerce,  established to carry out the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and, therefore, jumpstart the flagging US economy (we hope).

While Australians still vigorously debate how our own stimulus package should be spent (as our blogs too clearly demonstrate), RECOVERY.gov allows US taxpayers (and curious Anthillians) to figure out where their money is going – which states, which congressional districts, even to which Federal contractors.

Perhaps the Australian Federal Government could create a similar website to track the movements of our globe-trotting PM?