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Could Facebook become a threat to mobile operators?


According to Ovum’s latest report, Facebook is becoming much more than a social network and could become a serious threat to mobile operators.

Recent research conducted by Ovum reveals that Facebook could potentially become a serious competitor to mobile operators.

The report highlights that Facebook has begun to spread its influence beyond social networking, embracing the mobile arena with 200 million users already interacting with Facebook Mobile.

“Facebook is encroaching directly on mobile operator territory and should not be underestimated,” said Eden Zoller, Ovum principal analyst and author of the report.

“It is much more than a social network and is better viewed as an increasingly rich platform for communications and content. Facebook wants to integrate with everything and be the main way that people consume and share information, anywhere and on any device.”

Mobile operators should be careful

The report also suggests that mobile operators are not taking the Facebook threat seriously.

Most see Facebook as a potential business partner, even though the social network already has a deal with Skype for voice communications, emails, location-based services and mobile advertising.

“While there are good reasons why operators should wish to partner with Facebook, they should be more alert to the fact that it is shaping up to be strong competitor,” said Eden Zoller.

“It is only by understanding Facebook fully that operators can engage with it effectively, be that on a collaborative or competitive basis.”

Last month, INQ Mobile announced the INQ Cloud Touch, an Android device created with Facebook users in mind. The INQ Cloud Touch was built in collaboration with Facebook and has new apps for Facebook mobile. Users have full access to all Facebook features.

Photo by Johan Larsson