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“No soup for you!” How to always be in demand… inspired by the Soup Nazi!


Remember the Soup Nazi from the sitcom Seinfeld?

Maybe this will jog your memory…


A short time ago, a prospective client told me that I reminded him of the Soup Nazi. He wasn’t saying it in a friendly way, either.

We’d swapped a few texts. I’d never met the guy in person. He wanted to hire me but I didn’t like the tone of his messages. So, I turned down his offer to meet.

And that made him upset. So, he called me the Soup Nazi.

But… ya know what?

I was flattered… extremely flattered… positively chuffed!

And here’s why…

The Soup Nazi could pick and choose his customers.

He could set the rules.

Because he was always in demand!

This is something that explosively successful companies and business people understand intuitively.

That’s why I’ve decided to share these three rapid growth strategies, embraced by explosive startups and big brands, inspired by the Soup Nazi.

These three tactics are particularly relevant to…

Services providers, B2B players, consultants and ‘lifestyle’ businesses.

(If you sell time for money, listen up!)


No global behemoth ever starts that way.

In fact, almost every dominant brand you know started niche.

I’m taking about the Facebooks, the Wall-Marts, the QANTAS Airlines and the Ubers of this world.

Facebook was launched to a niche audience of only 23,000 Harvard Students. Uber was only for the elite of New York.

QANTAS was launched with only one route, in dusty outback Australia. That means it had only two small towns as its initial target audience. (The towns at each end of the route.)

Even Wal-Mart initially limited its promotional activities to one small town and the people who lived within 14 miles. (Perhaps Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi started the same way, in Seinfeld’s fictional Upper West Side?)

And here’s the funny thing…

People love it when a product or service seems designed just for them. And the more exclusive, the more attractive it seems.

Explosive organisations niche at the expense of anyone that doesn’t fit their customer and client expectations. Once they have conquered that small set, they introduce another. Then, another. Rinse. Repeat.

Most small business operators chase everyone and anyone.

Smart organisations spend a lot of time saying, No.

“No soup for you!”

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Outside the Soup Nazis soup kitchen, there’s always a line.

Nightclubs use this strategy all the time. It’s called Social Proof.

How do start-ups and nimble growth hackers engineer this?

They start building an audience BEFORE they launch.

Far too many new and established organisations do the opposite. They adopt the Field of Dreams approach to marketing.

Remember that movie with Kevin Costner? The ghosts of baseball players whisper in his ear… “If you build it, they will come.”

He builds a baseball pitch, in the middle of a cornfield, and, low and behold, hundreds of strangers turn up to play!

If only life worked that way.

Here’s the inconvenient truth…

Poorly managed startups launch to crickets. And established businesses never spend enough time building their own waiting lists.

Here’s a hot tip…

If you understand your niche, it’s actually no longer that expensive to build that audience. And, if you have a list, you create the flexibility to say, No.

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This should go without saying.

I’ve been privileged to meet and interview some amazing entrepreneurs over the years… people like Bill Gates, James Dyson, even the Dalai Lama.

And every single one is driven by something special.

They are not primarily driven by the wealth creation. They are driven by the process of creation itself. They simply love providing a quality service or product and building a business that stands the test of time.

And that’s why I love the Soup Nazi.

(And why I was thrilled to be likened to the guy… even if he’s only fictional.)

He’s uncompromising, because he’s always in demand.


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James Tuckerman
Founder, Not-So-Freaky University
Founder, Anthill Magazine