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Nicole McIver, 2011 Anthill 30under30 Winner


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What is 30under30?

30under30 is an Anthill initiative launched in early 2008 to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among young Australians. Each year, we invite our readers to nominate young Australian entrepreneurs deserving of recognition for their outstanding entrepreneurial endeavours. More.

Nicole McIver, QLD (b. 1985)

Name: Nicole McIver
Age: 25 (Born: October 1985)
Gender: Female
State: QLD

Nicole McIver’s Wholesale Baby delivers its entrepreneurial punch with a satisfying WAHM. McIver, along with nine agents who work for her selling wholesale child, maternity and parenting products to retailers, are work-at-home moms.

She and the agents work on behalf of more than 50 brands, selling products to thousands of retailers throughout Australia and, to a degree, in other countries.

McIver, a mother of two, started Wholesale Baby in March 2010. She says the business has been profitable from the start. She has made extensive and powerful use of social media; the business has a thriving presence on Facebook (more than 5,100 followers) and a chatty Twitter account. McIver says a retailer she “liked” on Facebook sought out Wholesale Baby’s booth at a trade show and spent $2,000 on the spot. She says she has spent no more than $30 on paid advertising, thanks to the business’ social media clout.

She describes Wholesale Baby’s personality as “honest, helpful, friendly and supportive.” She demonstrated those traits by raising more than $12,500 in a few days for the victims of the Queensland floods. Her gesture in turn built trust and respect among retailers.

When McIver makes her pitches to wholesale clients, she tells them her company will do more than just push sales. “We will also help with advice on packaging, pricing, and helping to get their products in the media.” She cites one example of a brand that she saw start with idea and grow to a popular product in more than 30 stores. “It’s a great feeling knowing you are part of their success as well as your own.”

As for what drives her as an entrepreneur, McIver says it’s something different every day: “Wealth for the sake of my family. Giving my family the best possible future. Being able to to purchase all those big-ticket items I dream about.

“I’m also driven to succeed. I am pretty stubborn and have it set that I will be the best and won’t let anyone get in the way of that.”

Anthill asks: Nicole McIver, what’s your superpower?

“Being able to operate as a mum and manage a staff of nine on no sleep. Mortals see their work as kryptonite. Entrepreneurs like me thrive off it.”


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