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It’s a bird. No, it’s a plane. No, it’s our new hero – a free recruitment service


Are you going grey, or even bald for that matter, because you’re knee deep in running your business? Do you have a million and one things to do but not enough time or people power to do it? Well, there could be a new super hero in town coming to your rescue…

Gap A Job – a new, innovative casual job network that helps people find and advertise casual work is here. Focusing on small to medium size business, this fresh start-up aims to facilitate the relationship between employers and casual workers.

This quirky start-up is different in that it helps two groups of people at the same time. On one hand, you have the businesses that are now able find quality casual workers. On the other, you have students who predominantly comprise the database getting valuable experience and earning an extra buck or two while at it.

A unique aspect of the service is that businesses can post a job for free. Employers will therefore be able to find casual workers without expensive recruitment costs or additional fees.

“For those who need help and want to post a job, simply enter the date, time and reward offered. It’s that easy,” Gap a Job’s Co-Founder, Silvy Tanamas.

No job is too big or small to be posted. From the intricacies of computer programming to watering the office plant, Gap A Job can help find the right person for the job.

Gap A Job believes that small to medium sized businesses can help find the undiscovered talent of students, those thirsty sponges that are still full of determination, ambition and drive.

Employment is always a topical issue in today’s society. There is so much undiscovered talent out there, and a service that can help businesses find skilled workers who would genuinely like some experience in a certain field or trade is genuinely welcome.