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New Aussie start-up puts people, not managers, in the driving seat of their careers


My Career Capital is a new online platform set to disrupt the status quo of performance and career management to empower employers, employees, freelancers, and job seekers to track, manage and plan their career growth all in one place.

Developed by Melbourne-based HR professional and entrepreneur, Julie Dal Santo, the SaaS platform will allow users to successfully map out and leverage their unique value across their career journey and different employers.

Inspiration for creating this platform stems from

Julie was concerned about the impacts of misaligned HR systems and with a genuine mission to support people to self-identify and influence their unique value across their entire career journey,

She set out to develop an innovative digital platform to ensure people have the tools and support they need to successfully grow and manage their own career capital.

The career capital involves unique skills, competencies, connections, qualifications and experience gained on-the-job over one’s career.

“More and more individuals are moving away from permanent employment to more fluid, contract or project-based roles – a trend bolstered by the work-from-home reality spurred on by COVID-19,” says Julie.

“Now, more than ever before, employees, entrepreneurs and freelancers alike want the freedom and ability to manage and leverage their performance, references, and experience across their careers.”

“As we face the future of work, individuals need to step up to take on ownership of managing themselves, working in partnership with other initiatives. Until now, this invaluable ‘career capital’ has largely rested in the hands of employers.”

My Career Capital is inspired by my own experience. I’ve watched too many frustrated employees hitting walls and glass ceiling as they try to charter their own careers.”

“The hard realisation that it’s employers who hold the most important information and details about employee professional development is a reality I’ve witnessed across my many years working in HR and employee management.”

“Research shows that a young person today will likely experience a portfolio career, potentially having 17 different jobs stretching across five fields over their lifetime.”

It’s time to disrupt the status quo and often it’s easy-to-use software – through My Career Capital – that serves not only employers but also employees as well as freelancers, consultants, job seekers, and others.

A platform to manage one’s own career is particularly critical as this hasn’t been available to the latter cohort – people working independent or outside of formal structures.

“I really believe that where or how you work or how you work shouldn’t determine the way your career and growth is managed,” says Julie.

Another piece to its innovation, the customisable platform offers cutting-edge AI tools, such as ‘Design My Career’ to analyse a user’s skills and experience and suggest upskilling and new career opportunities.

The following features will help put people in the driver’s seat of their own careers:

  1. Your own Performance Management System
  2. Tools to design your career
  3. Tools to help discover your unique value
  4. Career coaching tools
  5. Skills assessment
  6. Generate an up-to-date resume at the click of a button
  7. Self-coaching, goals and performance tracking

The platform is launching first in Australia with plans to bring the platform to a global market with hope to support people across the globe get more out of their ever-dynamic and always unique careers.

My Career Capital is a critical step away from the status quo.