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Locked out of home or lost your car keys? No worries – help is on the way fast.


Oneflare, an online marketplace connecting high-quality Australian businesses with the customers that need them, has announced the launch of a new service to help Aussies who find themselves in a pickle requiring urgent attention.

Oneflare Now, a phone service that directly connects consumers with a business nearby in urgent situations, is the solution to a growing number of stressful situations in which we often find ourselves.

Oneflare CEO Billy Tucker said the new service was launched to quickly connect local businesses with the customers who needed them at a moment’s notice. 

“When you need a plumber, electrician, locksmith, or tow truck in a hurry, right now you’re resigned to calling every nearby tradie’s number, hoping they’re able to pick up. The last thing you want to do is explain the situation five times, and worry about getting a competitive quote – you need the job done ASAP. ” says Oneflare CEO Billy Tucker

Oneflare Now will alleviate the stress that many Aussies experience in a sticky situation like being locked out of the house or car or dealing with an urgent plumbing issue.

“Its on demand tradie support, is what you want at a time of need. The service will go a long way in helping to support small businesses across Australia. Businesses can alert us when they want work by ‘switching on’ Oneflare Now via the app.”

They can then opt out when they are out on a job and unable to deal with more work.

“The majority of businesses come to us because finding consistent and regular work isn’t easy, and time spent advertising and finding new clients cuts into the precious time they can spend delivering for customers and therefore earning money.”

Oneflare makes it simple for businesses as they do the work of finding customers in need, so the business can do what they are good at.

“From the customer’s point of view, they can rest assured that we’ve done the necessary checks on the business, which have been vetted for ABN’s, licences, and insurance as well as genuine customer feedback, reviews and ratings.”

Aussie Home Services, a Plumbing & Electrical company with over 5,000 clients, has been one of the first to use the new service. Managing Director Andrew Khoury said the feature had been incredibly well received and has a positive impact on his business. 

“Aussie Home Services specialise in helping consumers with their emergency plumbing and electrical situations. Being able to successfully service last minute job requests is what we’re known for.”

“The Oneflare Now feature is giving us even more opportunity to do this. It’s a fantastic fit for our business, aligning perfectly with our mission to provide a range of services with leading customer service.” says Aussie Home Services MD Andrew Khoury.

Oneflare Now was launched as an addition to Oneflare’s existing service to speed up and ease the process of connecting the customers to local businesses.  

“We know how hard many small businesses have been hit by the pandemic. With the launch of Oneflare Now we hope to boost work for businesses by giving them the ability to respond to more jobs and build their standing in the local community,” said Mr Tucker. 

So how does Oneflare Now actually work?

Clients get a dedicated phone number connecting them with the nearest available professional. Businesses in close proximity to the client, who have been vetted and match the requested job type, are automatically connected to the customer in need.

Oneflare clients are able to choose from services and businesses to be connected with. Oneflare Now is currently available to locksmiths, electricians, plumbers and towing.

Oneflare’s online website and App offer extra services, from tiling, removalists and cleaning services to entertainment needs such as DJs, celebrants, and make up artists.  

Oneflare Now, gives ability to speed up the process of connecting local businesses to customers seeking their services through a direct phone line.

There’s often a long wait between contacting businesses via phone or email, getting a quote, checking availability and/or struggling with booking difficulties. Oneflare Now creates direct phone contact that eliminates waiting business days to hear back.

Oneflare Now services are available across Australia’s largest cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Oneflare plans to expand these services across all Australian cities to provide ease of contact for Australian customers and businesses. 

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