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Melbourne conference maps the future for venture capitalists


The Melbourne International Venture Capital Conference, featuring more than 30 expert speakers, keynotes and panel sessions, will be held tomorrow, Tuesday 8 March, at the Park Hyatt Melbourne.

Speakers will include Tan Yinglan, head of projects for the National Research Foundation at the prime minister’s office in Singapore.

Yinglan is author of “The Way of the VC — Top Venture Capitalists on Your Board” and “Chinnovation — How Chinese Innovators are Changing the World.”

He will share his views about how Asia, Australia and the U.S. Silicon Valley can work together to create innovative, influential companies.

Another key speaker will be Mark Carnegie, who after enjoying a successful career in private equity is setting up a venture capital fund. He will talk about why he turned his energy to the venture capital industry and why he see it as the way forward.

For a full list of speakers and a program guide, visit avcjmivcc.com

What: Melbourne International Venture Capital Conference
Where: Park Hyatt Melbourne, 1 Parliament Square, East Melbourne
When: Tuesday, 8 March

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