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Meet ySafe Solutions, Anthill 2016 Cool Company Awards Finalist


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Anthill Cool Company Awards

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ySafe Solutions [FINALIST, Savvy]

Company: ySafe Solutions
Website: http://www.ysafe.com.au
State: WA
Category: Savvy

While promoting cyber safety awareness in public schools, Jordan Foster realised one thing: the curriculum was stale. Heck, it put her to sleep.

Being a generation-Y, who grew up with social media and the internet, Jordan decided to be the person to reinvigorate technology education. It needed someone young. It needed someone different. It needed ySafe solutions.

Since 2013, Jordan has been working hard to bring a child-centric perspective into schools across Australia. As of now, it’s a one woman show. But that doesn’t mean her impact’s small.

Before ySafe, most educational organisations in the field focused on tactics of fear-mongering. Instead of teaching kids to be safe online, the lessons discouraged them from logging in at all; these old curriculums typically focused on sexual predation.

However, in an age where practically everything happens online, the fear-mongering strategy just wasn’t cutting the mustard (and still doesn’t).

Jordan focuses on promoting positive experiences online via addressing kids’ online interests and improving their overall wellbeing. That’s not her only area of work either.

She also works with those who have difficulties with social media, such as cyberbullying, and those whose life has been impacted by an addiction to online gaming.

Jordan stated the following in her application: “By seeing the clinical end where kids need so much additional support, I am driven to address the preventative side by creating awareness through education.” This passion is one thing that contributes to why ySafe happens to embody “cool”.

The company also has a tight grasp on technology.

It has created its own cyber-safety tool and capitalises on existing online tools, such as Eventbrite and Hootsuite, to get the job done. The former gives parents the right to block access to inappropriate or dangerous sites across all their child’s devices. Additionally, this application delivers real-time safety messages to the parents. Anytime, anywhere, they have access to a ySafe solutionscyber safety expert. The company, even now, is partnering up with an online gaming business to help build a non-addictive, safe, gaming platform.

Jordan has her own personal favorite feature though: “So what’s cool is that we get to buy a PS4 and Xbox and claim it as a tax deduction for business purposes. Every kids dream!” Though that’s pretty neat, we really think it’s the organisation’s fresh perspective that helps set ySafe apart.

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