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Meet Developing East Arnhem Limited, Anthill 2016 Cool Company Awards WINNER


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Anthill Cool Company Awards

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Developing East Arnhem Limited [Finalist, SOCIAL]

Company: Developing East Arnhem Limited
Website: http://www.developingeastarnhem.com.au/
State: NT
Category: Social

Developing East Arnhem Limited (D.E.A.L.) devotes itself wholly to promoting economic development, reducing poverty, and addressing lost opportunities in the remote East Arnhem region.

Composed of various islands and remote communities, Eastern Arnhem covers an area of just over 33-thousand kilometers.

Before DEAL jumped in, the region had lost 1,100 jobs in a town with only 4,000 residents, in less than a decade. Suffice to say, this previously unsupported area needed help.

In 2014, the company’s CEO, Carley Scott, decided to be the one to supply it. It’s this company’s culture and charitable mission that qualify it for this reward.

How exactly does DEAL help? According to its website, DEAL helps by promoting East Arnhem as a destination for business and tourism, providing planning and research support for indigenous enterprises, connecting the businesses to the mainland via funding support, and lobbying for greater governmental attention in the area.  In just over two years, the organisation’s work is already producing results: One-million dollars in funding received, 170 houses rented in areas that lost 25-percent of their population, and over 400-thousand people made aware of the initiative. They’re putting opportunity back on the map!

However, it’s how DEAL engenders love for the community in employees that really sets them apart.

All new staff members start their time at DEAL by being flown to a remote community for a traditional, ceremonial welcome. This ceremony includes painting, traditional dances, and opens the eyes of their mostly urban employees to a different way of life.

When not at work, they get to see some of the world’s most isolated beaches! On their way home, they get to fly over that same ocean! It’s another new initiative, making a difference in a remote and disadvantaged region. And we think that’s cool.

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