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Maybe this is the best Christmas ad of all time? [VIDEO]


Last week we had Monty the penguin from U.K. retailer John Lewis.

And that made me cry, possibly more than I’m willing to admit publicly.

Now, Sainsbury’s has released its Christmas ad. It has the potential to moisten the eyes of everyone, while also reminding us of Great War.

You may have heard tales of men on the battle field of World War I playing football in between their trenches at Christmas. The fact is, it’s true. On Christmas day in 1914 a temporary truce between the two sides resulted in a game of football.

If this ad doesn’t remind you of everyone’s humanity, regardless of which ‘side they are on’, nothing will.

This is where Sainsbury’s goes with it’s ad. It’s 100 years since the start of World War I and, this ad was made in conjunction with Royal British Legion.

The chocolate bar that features in the ad is now on sale at Sainbury’s. All profits from its sale goes to the Royal British Legion to provide assistance to people and their families who have served their country.

In its first day, this ad was viewed more than one million times on YouTube.

Get the tissues ready and don’t watch this in a public place if you don’t like crying in public.

Sainsbury’s official Christmas 2014 ad