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    Magazine 2.0 Experiment (the beginning)


    Here’s our audacious goal…

    Over coming weeks, we intend to produce the world’s first entirely reader-generated business magazine.

    We’ll be asking you, our readers, to suggest the people we profile.
    We’ll be asking you to nominate the questions we ask.
    We’ll be asking you to share your business stories through case studies.
    We’ll be asking you to share your expertise through opinion pieces and columns.

    We make no promises. We may not pull it off.

    But we’re going to do our darnedest to do as we do best – turn conventional business practices on their head.

    Of course, there’ll be some rules (and we might have to make up some extra rules as we go along).

    1. If you’d like to be involved, click here and fill out our form. That way, we’ll know who to contact, how to contact you and, best of all, how to attribute your contribution(s).
    2. Of course, we’ll be deeming your participation in this exercise as consent for us to use your comments for publication, permission for us to sub-edit and as a demonstration that you have agreed to our Terms & Conditions.

    Our promise to you is that we’ll try to keep up our end of the bargain as best we can, without compromising the quality of Anthill Magazine (or getting sued). So… are you in?

    If so, click here and register and/or make a suggestion below.