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Coffee. Can we ever have too much of it?


Australia currently imports 18% more coffee than it did back in 2008/09. According to international figures, Australians will this year consume 2.95kg per person up from 2.7kg per person in 2009. Yeah, we are that addicted to caffeine.

Right now, the average cost of a takeaway cappuccino in Australia is $3.47. On average, Australians are paying no more this quarter for their cappuccino than last quarter. The Gilkatho Cappuccino Price Index™ has slowed this quarter in comparison to the CPI, but still shows a marked increase on the CPI over the year.

However, individual cities have seen changes, notably Sydney where the cost of an average cup has dropped by 12c. If the current trends continue, Perth will be the first city to break the $4 barrier. All you coffee addicts should consider moving to Sydney soon. It still remains the most competitive market with an average price 21c below the next cheapest cities Canberra and Melbourne.

This quarter, the Gilkatho CPI also includes Hobart for the first time, with 95 venues surveyed. After Perth, Hobart is the second most expensive place for a takeaway cappuccino in Australia.

“It’s interesting to note the overall slowing or in some cases reversal of the average price in the Gilkatho CPI figures this quarter. The price of a cup of coffee has little to do with the cost of coffee beans and more to do with overhead costs and price competition.”

“Regular cafes are now starting to face competition from other outlets offering good quality coffee. 7/11 for example recently introduced automatic machines making high quality coffee from freshly ground beans for just $1 a cup. Customers who install one of our automatic machines get a very good cappuccino from fresh ground beans that costs them just 35c per cup – less even than pod type coffee machines.” said Gilkatho managing director Wayne Fowler.

Gilkatho is a Queensland-based high end coffee machine retailer and service centre. The company also supplies coffee, including FairTrade coffee and other coffee related products. Their customers range from offices, to bakeries and clubs, to extreme coffee enthusiasts! The company was set up in 1999 by managing director Wayne Fowler. Gilkatho has published the Gilkatho Cappuccino Price Index™ since 2002. The Gilkatho CPI surveys more than 1,100 cafés in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and now Hobart.

Image by pocius