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30under30 Awards – Now Open!


Last year, corporate Australia spent more hours moaning about the petulant, upstart attitudes of Gen Y than a… well… than a petulant, upstart Gen Y moaning about his/her stuffy employers.

This year, we’ve seen a re-prioritising among Australia’s young employed (and unemployed), away from the stereotypical demands of flexible work hours and free ’round-the-clock’ Pepsi Cola and toward more conventional aspirations, such as job stability and seasoned mentors.

While the more weathered and leathered among us might initially feel minor schadenfreude at this possible return to the status quo (including this Gen Xer), it does also force the question, ‘If our youngest working generation is not questioning, disrupting, innovating, destroying and rebuilding, who will?’

Of course, one simple answer is, ‘You’. (Our trusty Anthillians, irrespective of the decade you were born.)

But to encourage entrepreneurial behaviours at a national and cultural level (for years to come), we’ve always adopted the mantra, “Get ’em when they’re young!” (It’s about the only thing that our editorial crew and despotic political leaders have in common – that and a lust for global domination, of course.)

That’s why we launched the 30under30 Awards in late 2007. And that’s why we invite you to nominate yourself or a worthy young entrepreneur. The top 30 will be profiled in the Jul/Aug/Sep edition of Anthill Magazine.

To nominate, click here.
To learn more about 30under30, click here.
To check out last years winners, click here.

There’s never been a better, more important time to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in Australia.

Viva la 30under30!

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