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Jolly Solo brings Christmas to small businesses


A whopping 95.6% of Australian businesses are small, while 62.7% don’t employ any staff. Until recently, they couldn’t enjoy end-of-year parties in the same way big business can. I said, ‘until recently’.

Sole operators and small businesses that miss out on end-of-year office celebrations and Christmas parties due to their size (or lack thereof) now have Jolly Solo, a specially designed Christmas party that gives very small teams the opportunity to celebrate in style.

With less than a month until Christmas, many businesses are entering a time of countless Christmas functions, office parties and end-of-year celebrations – except for hardworking solo business operators and businesses with very small teams.

In response to this, Janna Fikh, owner of Fletcher Tax Accountants, and Leah Klugt, owner of The Golden Goose Design Studio, have created Jolly Solo, a Christmas party for solo business operators and very small businesses.

Now in its second year, Jolly Solo give attendees the opportunity to go to a great venue, enjoy a lovely dinner, listen to some great speakers and laugh with fellow soloists. The night also offers the chance to network in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

“While incredibly rewarding, running your own business is extremely hard work and solo business owners can experience feelings of isolation with some even working through the Christmas holidays,” Ms Fikh said.

“So Leah and I created Jolly Solo to bring together small business owners who would otherwise miss out on the fun and interaction of a big Christmas party.”

The Jolly Solo event will be held on Friday, December 2nd in the Grand Hall of Mosman Art Gallery in Sydney.

Ms Klugt explained: “We received amazing feedback from last year’s event, with the resounding message that it was important to have an outlet to let their hair down and connect with other soloists who are in the same boat. Soloists are flying in from other states just for this year’s Jolly Solo.”

The organisers, both solo business operators, have combined their specialities to create an event that will provide micro and small business owners with the same sort of end-of-year celebration that many of them would have experienced in their prior days in corporate Australia.

For more information, ticket sales and photos from last year’s event, visit www.jollysolo.com.au