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How to master the art of growth hacking as a way to acquire leads, build rapport and trigger repeat sales online


You want to use the interwebs to grow your business, right?

Growth hacking is largely used to describe online techniques designed to improve lead acquisition, user engagement and the lifetime value of a customer. But it’s about more than that.

It’s about collecting and using data to improve the service you provide and to automate the way you run your business to free up your own time. It’s about measurable systems and continous improvement.

It’s about knowing what works and what doesn’t. [PURCHASE ACCESS]

Here’s what you’ll learn in this ONE HOUR lesson…

Here are just some of the things that you will learn listening to this recorded webinar.

  • Three case studies in Growth Hacking… three real world outcomes that defy common wisdom. (I’ll disclose three examples where consumers won’t behave how you think.)
  • Two simple ways to drastically increase conversions… how to harness the fickle fancies of web users. (This is a must for anyone with a desire to prompt actions online.)
  • One unsettling gamification technique that will disrupt the way you do business online, forever… even if you don’t do business online yet. (Consultants, listen up!)
  • The seven principles of business management that growth hacking made obsolete in 2012. (At least four out of seven will surprise you. One might shock.)
  • Why every business owner must now acquire the not-so-secret skills of the growth hacker. (Spoiler alert… it’s all about leads, sales and repeat sales. Like, duh.)

In other words, we’re talking about how to get more clients and customers and, then, creating system to sell more stuff to more people more often. Make sense now? [PURCHASE ACCESS]


The following eight minute case study was provided as one of three case studies presented during the second half of the 60 minute webinar. The focus of this case study is on lead acquisition.

Here’s what attendees had to say about this webinar…

“This was the first webinar I was able to actually get round to tune in and was blown away. I have worked around so many speakesr, trainers webinar coaches so on and so forth I know the tricks of the trade and I often will tune out if I know where it’s going and if Im going to get nothing from it. Plus, they can be very business like, boring and fake which I can’t stand.

Loved the casual style- reminds me of some American guys who I did some training with who are brilliant. Its not often I see a local Aussie put the stuff out there as good if not better than them. I actually dropped what other tasks I was working on at the time to pay more attention. Thank you, I got a lot out of it.”!”

Michelle Sperinck, Cheap sheds

“I love James’ approach to this stuff. The great thing is that I get to benefit from the practical experience that he has accumulated while building Anthill. And you know what? Most of it is simple, practical and implementable – and backed up with evidence.”

Craig Dennis, AchieveIT Australia Pty Ltd

“Anthill webinars are short, sharp, to the point and deliver total value. I’m always energised when I hang up and I want to cancel everything in my diary to go out and road test the new ideas that are buzzing in my head. They give me real, honest and valuable advice that I can actually use and that make a difference to how I see myself as a business operator. Awesome.”

Jess Tyler, SciBiz Communications

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