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    How to create a Facebook prospect funnel [PART#1: eCOURSE]


    This tutorial is for business owners and marketing managers who would like to master Facebook as a measurable business tool, rather than a play-thing. In 60 minutes, Anthill Magazine founder James Tuckerman shares the tips, tools and strategies he used to grow the Anthill Facebook Fanpage from 1,800 to 4,500 active users in 90 days. He also explains how he uses Facebook to collect leads and monetise fans.


    This webinar was recorded on 10 October 2012.
    For more about James Tuckerman, click here.

    Scheduling Status Updates in Facebook

    During the webinar, I suggested Post Planner to schedule status updates. However, Facebook now offers its own tool for achieving this outcome. One of the benefits of using a Facebook option is that Facebook is likely to support users of its own tools (in subtle and mysterious ways that are not made public). In short, users of this tool are likely to notice slight improvements in EdgeRank over external tools.

    What tools does Anthill Magazine recommend for PART#1?

    The following is a list of tools (inc links) to help you manage Facebook as a business tool.

    Pinterest: Quite simply, it’s a social media platform that allows its users to ‘Pin’ images that they like. Because of this, it has become a great resource for sourcing pre-Liked images for use as Facebook status updates. To better understand the copyright considerations associated with the use of Pinterest, here’s an article from the Washington Post.

    Link: Pinterest.com

    Post Planner App: During the webinar, I recommended Post Planner App as a tool to schedule status updates. I’ve since learned that Facebook has now added its own tool to allow users to do just that. Here is an article on the topic. If you have experience using both options, please share your views as a comment below. (Pros and cons, etc).

    Link: PostPlanner.com

    Networked Blogs App: This is a great tool if you already have a blog or are confident enough to syndicate the blog of another to your Facebook wall. It relies on you understanding RSS feeds. Be mindful of the types of blog posts you wish to post on Facebook.

    Link: Facebook.com/networkedblogs