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How one new app helps you (or your business) get a ‘boost’ around Sydney


We’ve all been there. Out-and-about the city with no charge left on our mobile. It’s a sinking feeling, really. It’s like living in 1996 all over again.

It’s especially annoying if you actively use your device to keep up with friends, family, business contacts, and social networking And let’s face it, why else would we need a phone? I read somewhere that some people make phone calls on them, too.

A new company in Sydney called Chargebar is setting up their charging stations at locations across the city. The Chargebars can be found in stores, bars, cafes, airports and shopping centres.

The charging stations that the company provides are free to customers, who wait an average of 12 minutes per charge, and who buy something about 90% of the time.

So, it’s good thing all around. The customers receive a free charge for their device, while the business owners reap the benefit of the increased traffic, and, in theory, sales.

Now, iPhone users can download the Chargebar App which helps Sydneysiders find the nearest Chargebar. More than 70 charging locations already exist around Sydney and more are in the works. Chargebar are already in discussions for partnerships with several national retailers.

The Chargebar App makes it insanely easy for iPhone users to get a boost in Sydney, according to the company’s Managing Director, Jonathon Tanner.

“Our iPhone app immediately places a venue on the radar and starts bringing new customers through the doors,” says Tanner, adding “with the last of their battery power they can find a location to recharge their device.”

This all comes as comforting news to the mobile masses, and business owners are taking notice. The company is gaining strides in Sydney, with the whole of Australia in its sights.

With the number of smart phones expected to soon hit one billion, as we’ve previously reported, it seems like Chargebar, and the Chargebar App, will soon be bringing you to a business in your neighborhood, wherever you are.