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How one Sydney man plans to file world’s toughest tax return


Think filing your taxes is hard work?

Well, a 23 year old Sydney man has what could only be a more daunting challenge ahead for himself when he files his tax return on 22 September. Robert Ephraums will complete his income tax data while competing in the Tough Mudder extreme obstacle course. Talk about a glutton for punishment!

The Tough Mudder competition is an event that started in 2010 and has happened each year since in various cities spanning the globe. The competition is described as “probably the toughest event on the planet”. It is probably an apt description.

You see, Tough Mudder consists of a 20km trail fraught with a whole slew of obstacles such as the Artic Enema, Electroshock Therapy, and all sorts of nasty, cold military-inspired events. As you can tell, all of these events are considerably more tolerable while not doing your taxes.

It seems that brave Mr. Ephraums is bent on upping the ante. Robert will be using Panasonic’s CF-19 Toughbook laptop – the most powerful fully-rugged notebook computer available in Australia. It is resistant to shocks, drops, vibrations, extreme temperatures and high altitudes, withstanding drops from 1.8-metres and offering unparalleled protection from water and dust. And, Ephraums will likely need to take advantage of all of those bells and whistles when he competes in Tough Mudder’s Sydney stop on 22 September, 2012.

As Ephraums completes his annual return, he will be scaling 3m-high oiled walls, jumping into freezing ice-baths, crawling through mud, running through fire and getting shocked by 10,000 volts of electricity, all while using the Toughbook and periodically updating his followers through the official Twitter account. Watch for the tag for the event: #PanaToughMudder.

Ephraums doesn’t normally care for filling his return, saying: “I normally detest doing my tax return. I am known for leaving it to the last minute. This year nothing is going to stop me, not mud, not fire, not water or even electricity.”

Think you’ve got what it takes to make it through Tough Mudder? This year’s event in Sydney is all filled up, but the competition will return in next year. 2013 participant applications are being accepted now for both individuals and teams. Just be sure to check out the video below for a peek at just what is in store for you if you decide that you’d like to see if you are one Tough Mudder.

And, think about doing your taxes before you go.