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How one new curated subscription box is bringing a taste of Europe to Australia


Ah, the myriad wonders and splendid flavours of continental Europe, how we pine for thee…

But getting good Gouda can be a bit of a challenge – not to mention finding a delectable pinot grigio from a fertile French cru with which to pair said cheese. Sure, they’re growing the same grapes on a different vine all over Victoria, but somehow, it’s just not the same.

Fortunately, there is now help with getting a little bit of Europe delivered directly to your door, thanks to Europe in a Box. That’s right – the innovative new Aussie startup is bringing the best of European treats, cuisine, and drink to the Australian marketplace. They’re making it all the more simple to get awesome European goodies, ingredients, and drinks delivered right to your doorstep.


Europe in a Box is the brainchild of its Founder, Cyndie, who’s been busy blogging about living a healthful French-inspired lifestyle for some time now. Cyndie’s exploration of world food has grown through her experience of living in five countries (France, Morocco, UK, Japan and Australia) and visiting more than thirty others. Having lived in Australia since 2009, Cyndie has just launched Europe in a Box in February of 2013.

So what’s in the box?

Each month, Europe in a Box’s offering is different. For example, for March, you get some Gouda cheese bites to pair with a sparkling wine, as well as some candy and other goodies – including some yummy (and comparatively healthy) Blanxart chocolate powder. Yum, indeed!

As for what to expect in future boxes, Cyndie says “Europe in a Box offers an ever-changing mix of treats imported from various countries in Europe. Each box includes four gourmet products, a few samples, a keepsake and an information card. The treats consist mostly of non-perishable pantry items, such as jam, biscuits, and confectionery, and authentic drinks imported from Europe.”

“All of the products included in our boxes are specialty products imported from countries like France, Italy, Spain, Germany etc. We work with a trusted network of importers and select products for their quality and authenticity. No partnerships have been established with brands as we want to keep the flexibility of choosing what is best for our customers, at any time,” she continues.

Curators without borders

Europe in a Box is among the latest businesses to import not only a curated selection of products, but to bring the curated business model, one that was born in the USA, to Australia. The model is proving successful, and Europe in a Box seems to be right in line with the price point and overall premise of successful US subscription services.

So there you have it, an ambitious new biz in Australia that’s putting transcontinental goodness in your mailbox. What’s not to love? Now gimme those Gouda bites.