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How building app retention is like dating and getting engaged [INFOGRAPHIC]


Keeping users on mobile apps is no easy feat! Many mobile marketing teams focus their efforts on user acquisition. This is no surprise since there were nearly 178 billion annual app downloads in 2017. However, this huge number doesn’t necessarily reflect high usage. In fact, 23% of apps are only used once and apps lose nearly 90% of their daily active users 30 days after the app is downloaded. App abandonment can stem from a number of things thanks to factors like limited storage space on mobile devices and previous negative experiences on other mobile apps.

There is some hope among these statistics! The average US app user spends 90% of their cell phone time in their top five apps. It also doesn’t take much research anyways to know that lots of people spend time on mobile devices. The obvious key is to get into a user’s top set of apps, but what’s the best way to go about that? As it turns out, the best tactics to keep users on an app come from dating!

Nurturing our relationships with users isn’t any different from the course of a romantic relationship. We need to make a great first impression, keep up solid and intentional communication (that’s not excessive!), pay close attention to their needs and wants, and eventually take the big leap and propose (or in other words, convert!)! Take a look at CleverTap’s infographic with actionable tips back by several app retention statistics.

For example, you should really make an effort to stand out on your “first date” with users since 66% of users believe they can accomplish the same things on the mobile website as the app. This means that instead of porting most of your mobile site’s features and functionalities to your app, you should instead offer a value proposition that differentiates your app from the site. You should make intentional effort to examine your competition and see how you can improve on their existing features and exceed user’s expectations with your own app.

Take a journey down the app retention dating timeline to see what tips you can take away to bolster and strengthen your app retention strategy.

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