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Marching Elephants is herding innovative social entrepreneurs to do more good


Many great ideas don’t reach fruition due to lack of funding and support. Many entrepreneurs do not have the capital or experience to turn their ideas into a reality.

This is where Marching Elephants comes in, founded in October 2015 by a group of greatly diverse, yet like-minded individuals with a very clear vision.

This vision – to take their community and sustainability ethics and create a business that assists entrepreneurs in getting their innovative ideas off the ground and into the market.

Marching Elephants takes a social entrepreneur’s idea from concept to market. The company provide services in all aspects of business including, business modelling, capital raising, technology builds, brand and marketing.

In return for the services offered, it takes a stake in the business reflective of effort against value of the company.

Who are the Marching Elephants?

A team of creative entrepreneurs themselves, Marching Elephants are passionate about using innovative thinking to evoke positive change that will make our economic, social and environmental future more sustainable.

The team creates collaborative initiatives that develop and promote the shared values between organisations and the markets in which they interact, financially, socially and environmentally.

With offices in Melbourne and Byron Bay, the Marching Elephants collective work tirelessly to get good businesses to market and begin shifting the way business is practiced.

Andrew Roberts has worked with some of the largest global corporations, however after a near death experience gained a new found passion for social and environmental sustainability.

Andrew’s business leadership is partnered with creative brand specialist Jamie Green, who has successfully launched many brands from the ground up, including his own social enterprise One Night Stand Sleepwear.

Jamie Green
Jamie Green

The pair and their the creative, business and technology teams, possess a shared desire to create businesses that succeed in the market, whilst also giving back to the community.

Together, with the Marching Elephants team, Andrew and Jamie have taken the concept of pioneering a better future through social enterprise and made this a reality.

Where is the herd marching to?

2016 is looking to be prolific year for Marching Elephants, with several in-house brands set to launch in July.

These businesses include Brands For Good, an online community that connects people with brands and the good they are doing; CARL, a specialist transport service for the disabled community; and Life + Saver a complete package solution for International Students wanting to study in Australia.

Come July 2016 Marching Elephants will be opening its doors to young innovative entrepreneurs, who have world changing ideas.

Those big impact ideas will be assessed, nurtured and cultivated into businesses that will successfully enter the market and change the status quo.

Meanwhile, interesting choice of name, right? Well, Marching Elephants represents a new herd of businesses migrating towards a more positive social and environmental future, a journey taken together.

“The concept is that when an idea is formulated it is an infant elephant, the team then supports, fosters and grows this infant into a fully matured market ready elephant, with the ability to really migrate thinking,” they told Anthill.

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