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Neto has a new POS retail solution that can handle both physical and online sales


Digital commerce platform, Neto, recently announced its first retail solution capable of processing physical in-store purchases (POS), online sales (website) and online marketplaces (eBay, Facebook, Google Shopping, etc).

Neto’s new point of sale solution closes the loop for today’s retailers, allowing them to manage all sales channels from one single platform.

An online platform that supports Windows and Apple iOS-based terminals means retailers can now accept physical sales at multiple locations with cash or card payments at point of sale. Seamless integration means omni-channel retailers can centralise back-end systems, as well as connecting with CRM and ERP software to provide a single overview of revenue, inventory and cash flow for easy management of accounting and tax obligations.

What will Neto’s new point of sale solution do?

Sensis Research reveals 66 per cent of Australian retailers still mostly conduct business within their local area. Neto co-founder, Ryan Murtagh, said the innovative new offering allows growing retailers to take the first steps towards reaching a much broader and potentially global audience by providing them with the complete platform and tools that they need to sell online.

“The Neto Digital Commerce Platform is able to track inventory and sales across multiple locations, and is updated in real-time to account for sales made through a physical store, a retailer’s online store and even their eBay store. It also integrates with leading shipping carriers, such as Australia Post eParcel, enabling easy fulfilment for all orders.

“Retailers of all sizes are coming to understand that the online and bricks-and-mortar experience needs to be unified – both for the customer’s benefit and their own. Our new solution is a turnkey service that is affordable to businesses of all sizes.

“This is the critical first step for Australian retailers that would like to establish a presence online, and equally it’s an opportunity for retailers to bring digital commerce innovation to their physical stores.”

Ryan Murtagh
Ryan Murtagh

Further enhancing a retailer’s reach, the Neto solution effortlessly links into social media, allowing retailers to directly reach out to their customers.

The Neto platform also features powerful social features, including customer reviews, discounting and coupons, and deep analytics to help retailers understand at a glance what parts of their business and product lines are performing.

The Neto solution allows retailers to try the service for 14 days for free, then offers three different pricing tiers that the retailer can easily move up as it grows, takes on additional staff and product lines, and establishes additional warehouses.