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Do you need a dedicated server? Test your business against Intel’s 8-point checklist.


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Every business wants to get more done in less time, right?

According to Intel, even the smallest of businesses can benefit from a dedicated server. It offers greater security and tees up your tech so you’re ready and raring for that big ol’ growth spurt that’s just around the corner.

And, as luck would have it, a server based on an Intel Xeon processor provides an intelligent solution to today’s business IT challenges… What are the chances, eh?

How a dedicated server will benefit your business

A dedicated server allows you to store your information, applications and tools centrally. Your employees benefit from having information mere clicks away, whether they’re working remotely or from the office.

Server downtime is the stuff of nightmares for businesses of all sizes. A dedicated server equals more memory, secure backups, plus amped-up security goodies like firewalls and anti-virus updates – which in turn equals less chance of falling foul of privacy laws.

‘But my desktop server gets the job done just fine’, you say? Tempting though low-cost solutions may be for small businesses, here are just a few of the potential pitfalls: increased downtime and lost productivity; ongoing maintenance and security; and hardware and software updates.

Intel Xeon tough love ‘checklist’

Still not convinced by our super-compelling argument? Then it’s time for some tough love.

Intel says that if you answer ‘yes’ to any two of the following questions, your business would benefit from a dedicated server:

  1. Does your current server solution lack a reliable way for multiple computers to access information or applications?
  2. How about instant protected access to company files remotely?
  3. Do you fancy sharing computing equipment, such as printers and scanners?
  4. Would you like to up the security around your business data, unauthorised users and viruses?
  5. Should you be more vigilant when it comes to protecting your data with regular backups?
  6. Would you quite fancy hosting your own website and email system?
  7. And how about more advanced applications, such as CRM, enterprise resource planning
(ERP), business intelligence, or e-commerce solutions?
  8. Do you fancy using messaging and collaboration tools to communicate more effectively with customers, employees, and suppliers?

Now for the hard sell: An Intel Xeon processor-based server offers the IT performance, reliability and flexibility to help your business compete today and grow tomorrow. Make the right server choice for your business: download your FREE SMB buyer’s tips guide and take it with you when you buy.