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The Australian Turf Club now uses cashless pub app Clipp so you might find your favourite drink waiting for you at the races


The Australian Turf Club (ATC) has become the first multi-outlet sporting venue in Australia to implement mobile payment application, Clipp.

This is great news for mobile commerce company Mobile Embrace whose strategic investment in the innovative and disruptive cashless transaction business, Clipp, was reported to be exceeding expectations and delivering strong organic growth since the investment was made in June of last year.

ATC has four sporting venues with Clipp currently in effect in nine outlets across two of those venues. The cashless transaction system will allow users to pay for food and beverages via Clipp’s smartphone app.

Utilising the club’s multi-million-dollar point-of-sale system, from Task Retail, which was installed in early 2015, the application will provide the capability to examine the electronic record of all ordered items. This will allow for a more streamlined operating process.

How is the Australian Turf Club using Clipp?

Australian Turf Club’s Chief Operating Officer, Tony Partridge, said the introduction of Clipp fits nicely with the Club’s digital and customer service strategies.

“In a short space of time we have gone from cash-only sales to universal card acceptance but we have gone one step further; now all you have to do is show your mobile phone using Clipp.

“The race day experience is ripe for digital transformation and we are committed to using digital to improve the customer experience,” Tony remarked.

Tony Partridge
Tony Partridge

“Clipp gives us access to a detailed breakdown of the individual items purchased which is a valuable tool for not only catering purposes, but enables us to learn more about our patrons and their spending behaviour. In the future when they arrive, their favourite drink might just be waiting for them.

“There aren’t many sporting venues where the event, venue and catering operation is owned by the Club so we think we have an advantage when it comes to embracing technology quickly for the benefit of customers, sponsors and the Club.

“We are continuously looking for new ways to know our customers, acknowledge their support, monitor behaviour in real time and respond with a technology based service improvement.”

What does this deal mean for Clipp?

Clipp’s co-founder, Greg Taylor, said, “This is a fantastic partnership for Clipp with access to an additional 800k users across both Australian Turf Club venues. We are looking forward to working with the ATC to enable them to monitor spending in real time.

Greg Taylor
Greg Taylor

“It is also a great opportunity to tear down the barriers ATC had previously by allowing customers to open a tab without any money limits.

“As well as the obvious transactional benefits including, improved speed of service and removal of administrative needs to pre-book bar tabs, customers will also be able to host their guests in a social format in any area without having to go into a corporate space.

“The flexibility is going to vastly improve customer experience throughout the racing calendar this year. We anticipate a substantial increase in volume across the yearly racing calendar of events.”

Having been successfully trialled over three race days, the service will be a permanent addition to six bars at Royal Randwick and three outlets at Rosehill Gardens.

Rosehill Gardens will see the addition of more facilities offering the service upon the completion of the renovation at the Western Sydney venue.