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Could Glamazon be the app that Cinderella was hoping for?


Ladies and the well-groomed gentlemen, here’s one app you should look out for this (coming) holiday season. If you ever needed that last minute makeover, you’d be glad that there’s no need for a fairy godmother when you have the Glamazon app. 

Anytime, Anywhere, and almost any part of the body

The first app of its kind in Australia, Glamazon customers can now book local premium beauty services: anytime, anywhere.

Founded by female techtrepreneur, Lauren Silvers, the Glamazon app stemmed from her own desire to easily connect her favourite salons. Lauren reavealed to Anthill that she realized that there was no existing platform where consumers could access quality-controlled beauty services in one place.  Glamazon was her stroke of genius that would bridge the gap between salons and customers, and provide that seamless connection to the most premium salons.

Utilising geo-locational functions,Glamazon allows customers to find, book and pay for nearby appointments in one place. Users can choose whether they need their manicure ‘ASAP’, or ‘Anytime Today’. And, whether it’s your lashes, hair, or nails that need some work, the platform enables vetted salons to expose and sell wanted, available appointments directly to new and existing customers.

Could this be the Uber of beauty?

Glamazon has shaken up the beauty industry in Sydney by revolutionising the way women book their last minute beauty appointments. Celebrity hairstylist Joh Bailey describes Glamazon as a “game changer” in that it allows users to select and pay for their desired look from the ease and convenience of their Smartphones.

Glamazon is serious about glamour, judging from its vetted premium salons on the list.  Just over a few months old, the company already has over 100 premium partner salons in Sydney and Melbourne, Partners who are already on the network include Joh Bailey, Edwards & Co, Murphy Gozzard, and The Bronzing Boutique.

Well, what this means is that if you haven’t got the time to do your homework on who’s the best stylist in town, chances are you’re probably in safe hands with the app.

Beauty starts with brains

The new app is starting to make waves with the local fashion and beauty circuit, and is apparently hailed as the ‘Uber of Beauty’. As with most great businesses, a great leap of faith is required, and that is exactly what Silvers took when she left her job as a fashion and beauty PR and plunged into the deep sea that is the tech world.

She’s swimming well indeed. According to Glamazon, the company will expand into other capital cities over the next year, and then slowly but surely, move into international markets and complimentary industries such as health and fitness.  

This ambitious beauty ‘apporium’ is about to head into their first Seed Funding Round to scale nationally.

Soon, advanced booking will be so yesterday.

Image source: Glamazon on Instagram